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August 2016

I hope you are enjoying an active summer of hiking, running, golfing, swimming, cycling, gardening, or whatever you enjoy most. Call me today to schedule an appointment for a new menu and stay pain free in all your activities!

July OET News has a great e-cise sequence to prepare your body for yoga, a thought provoking article about what really causes pain, an article about swimmer's posture, and lastly an article about vitamin N. 

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Posture Exercises to Prepare the Body for Yoga
Yoga doesn't have to hurt.
A yoga practice can be wonderful both physically and mentally, but only if your body is capable of performing the poses. Many people, because of our sedentary lifestyle, are taking a body that is imbalanced posturally and incapable of performing many of the poses correctly. This not only makes yoga difficult and not enjoyable, but can lead to injury and chronic pain issues. The video takes you through a series of pre-yoga and post-yoga sequences that are designed to balance your body's posture, restore function, and prepare your body for the demands of yoga. Watch the video and learn the exercises.
What Do You Think Is Causing Your Pain?
What If You're Wrong?
Correlation doesn't imply causation...don't be so fast to move to Colorado!
What if what you're told is causing our pain and what we believe is causing our pain just isn't true? 

What if we (patients, doctors, therapists, other healthcare experts, etc.) are confusing correlation for causation? 

I believe we as a society all to often are falling for a flawed assumption and in doing so are missing the true cause of our pain.  Find out what I mean here.

Swimmer's Posture
What causes swimmer's posture?
The Summer Olympic's are just around the corner and swimming is a popular event to watch the USA team compete and win medals in. As you watch, notice the swimmer's postures...not good right? Here are some questions you'll probably be asking yourself:
  1. Why do swimmer's tend to have the same type of posture?
  2. What causes these posture imbalances?
  3. Doesn't this posture help them swim faster?
  4. What can swimmers do to improve their posture?
Find the answers to these questions in my article about swimmer's posture.
Are You Getting Enough Vitamin N?
You've heard of vitamin C, D, and E, but what's vitamin N?

Well you don't get it by eating fruits and veggies or drinking milk. It doesn't come from red meat or black beans. It's not contained in your multivitamin or superfood shake. 

Vitamin N you can only get by going outside, getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and heading to the hills where the birds and squirrels hang out. Vitamin N stands for "Nature". And getting a lot of vitamin N is the only way to prevent NDD: Nature Deficit Disorder. Learn what happens when you don't get enough vitamin N and learn 10 ways to get more vitamin N here.
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