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September 2015

Welcome to OET News! It is September and the kids are back in school, our weather has cooled down, and we are finally getting some rain. I love fall in Portland because the air is clean, the leaves start turning beautiful colors, and the cooler weather allows for continued outdoor activities. The start of fall also means I'll soon need trail shoes designed for mud and a headlamp for my evening trail races in Forest Park!

This months newsletter starts with a informative video explaining and showing the importance of big toe alignment and how it influences the arches of the feet. "Text Neck" has been in the news lately and I've included a video and article explaining what it is, where it comes from, and how to correct/prevent Text Neck and the associated pains. I am sure everyone reading this newsletter already understands (and has experienced) the benefits of good posture, but for good measure I've included a video highlighting exactly that. To help you enjoy the benefits of good posture, I've added a new mobility workout video that will help you improve your joint mobility, muscle strength, and of course - posture! 
Understanding the Arches of the Feet
Big toe alignment, foot abduction, and posture imbalances.
In this video learn how the medial longitudinal arch of the foot is stabilized and maintained by the Flexor Hallucis Longus and Abductor Hallucis. This video provides a great visual of how having good big toe alignment is crucial to maintaining a medial arch.

Follow the link and learn how big toe alignment is dictated by foot position and gait patterns and how postural imbalances cause a chain reaction throughout the body leading to the eventual collapsing of the medial arch of the foot. Read more.

What is "Text Neck"?
How to correct Text Neck and the associated pains. 
Looking down with our head is a normal human function the neck is designed to do, looking down for extended periods can lead to Text Neck - forward head posture and pain. 

This video shows what Text Neck is and what causes it and then I discuss how to correct and prevent Text Neck and all the associated symptoms and pain: neck and shoulder pain, headaches, muscle tension and stiffness, and even breathing and vision problems. Read more.

The Benefits of Good Posture
In this TED-Ed video by Murat Dalkilinc, the benefits of good posture and the consequences of bad posture are explained. 

New Mobility Workout
Increase your overall body mobility and postural balance.
This is a simple yet effective Pete Egoscue designed and narrated workout that you can do in your living room, backyard, hotel room, or gym. This quick 12-minute workout will engage the deep posture muscles of your upper and lower body and leave you feeling invigorated and ready to take on your day. 

Your free 30 minute appointment includes discussion of your symptoms and goals, posture evaluation, functional testing, and gait analysis. We will then discuss the different therapy options that are available to help you reach your goals. 

Visit or call 971-279-2189 to schedule your FREE posture evaluation today. 
I believe that your chronic pain is not because of your age, genetics, past injuries, or activities you do. I believe your pain is because you have lost proper postural alignment. Correcting your posture will allow you to live the life you want to live and continue the activities you love to do, pain free! If you or anyone you know is suffering from chronic pain or injuries, encourage them to call me today - I'd be happy to help them. 


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