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May 2015

Welcome to OET News! Depending on who you ask, May is National Correct Posture Month, Posture Awareness Month, and the month we recognize mothers everywhere. Being National Posture Awareness Month, our first article is about how shoulder posture affects running performance. We then explain the Sit-Rise Test and why and how it can predict mortality and how you can improve your function, health, and lower your mortality rate! With summer coming and the annual road trips to wonderful places, we have included a video where Pete Egoscue discusses how to keep driving pain free. We also have a short video that talks about breathing, proper breathing, stress, breath holding, and health. In celebration of Mother's Day we have a special for the month of May: buy any therapy package and receive a free copy of Pain Free for Women!
How Shoulder Posture Affects Running Performance
Rounded shoulders and kyphosis don't only look bad, they are detrimental to your running performance. 
We think of running as a lower body exercise, but the upper body plays a very important role in running mechanics, efficiency, and performance. Finding a runner with forward rounded shoulders, a forward head, and excessively hunched upper back is not hard to do - even among professional runners. Learn why good shoulder alignment is important to not only fast and injury free running, but to performance in all sports. Read the article.

...poor running mechanics.
Poor standing posture creates...
Why Sitting & Rising from the Floor is Important for Health
Your ability to sit down on the ground and stand up again is a reliable predictor of your mortality risk. 
Why? Because it is a simple and fast way to test the function of the musculoskeletal system. If you can easily sit down on the floor and stand up again without
 using your hands, arms, or knees for assistance and maintain your balance we can pretty accurately predict that you have a strong and functional musculoskeletal system. A strong and functional musculoskeletal system is the foundation of a robust metabolism which is the key to vibrant health. Before we learn more, try the Sit-Rising Test and see how you do.
Pain Free Driving
E-cises to restore posture and pain free driving. 
Driving for long hours will lead to postural imbalance, muscle tightness, joint stiffness, and pain. Driving like many of our activities is a unilateral and imbalanced activity which the body responds to by being off-balance and mis-aligned itself. Join Egoscue Method founder Pete Egoscue as he walks Jerry through 3 simples exercises to rebalance the body and make driving pain free. Watch the video.
Importance of Correct Breathing
Breathing is essential to life, but many people don't breathe efficiently. 
The body cannot live without oxygen. Because breathing is so essential our body is designed to breathe no matter what. Optimal breathing is deep, slow, and diaphragmatic which we call "East-West breathing" because of the outward circular expansion of the ribs and lower torso. Many people because of postural dysfunction and habit instead hold their breathe, or use fast, shallow, "North-South breathing" - named because of the up and down movement of the ribs and shoulders. Learn more by watching this video where Pete Egoscue discusses breathing.

Mother's Day Special: Free Book!
Mother's Day Special for the month of May. 
Receive a free copy of Pain Free for Women by Pete Egoscue with the purchase of any therapy package during the month of May in celebration of Mother's Day and mothers everywhere! Pain Free for Women includes chapters on raising healthy functional children, staying pain free during pregnancy, post-pregnancy restoration menus, building strength, stroking the metabolism, fighting and recovering from breast cancer (nonsurgical and post-surgery), and aging while maintaining optimal health.

Keep the book for yourself or give it to the mother, daughter, niece, or other loved one who would appreciate learning how to maintain optimal health throughout all of life's stages. 

*book may be exchanged for any other available in-stock book
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