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April 2015

Welcome to spring! Our OET April Newsletter is filled with great information to keep you working, traveling, and playing pain free. A short informative video talks about why air travel leads to pain and discomfort and how doing a couple simple things can make flying much more comfortable and enjoyable. This month I have also included a video in which Pete Egoscue, founder of the Egoscue Method, talks about how to stay pain free sitting at a desk at work with some simple tips and exercises. Below the video are two sets of short and easy stretching routines - one for doing at home and the other for doing at work - both designed to help you stay pain free throughout your day. 

Pain Free Air Travel
Relieve the pain that inevitably creeps in during long flights with these simple Egoscue stretches. After two hours of flying, most of us tend to feel pretty uncomfortable. Join alignment expert Pete Egoscue to learn some tips and airplane stretches to help you relieve pain during and after your travel. This video will focus on the pelvis, the back, and the feet so you can leave your flight feeling comfortable and aligned. Watch the video.
Pain Free at Work
Relieve pain incurred from sitting at a desk with these simple stretches.  For years people have been trying to redesign workspaces to help alleviate pain associated with sitting for long hours at a desk. In spite of new chairs, desks, shoes, and keyboards, most 9-to-5 workers will suffer from back pain, carpal tunnel, stress, and/or headaches as a result of their workspace fatigue. In this video, join alignment expert Pete Egoscue in some simple stretches and techniques to avoid pain at the office. Watch the video.
Posture Exercise Routines for Office and Home
Home Stretching Routine
This short stretching routine can be done on a daily basis at home to help restore and maintain posture allowing you to live and play pain free.
Work Stretching Routine
This fast and easy stretching routine is to be done at the office or workplace daily to reduce pain, tightness, and discomfort that comes from repetitive workplace movements. 

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