March 2015 - Abdominal Bracing Video | Posture Myth: The Flat Stomach | East-West Breathing

Welcome to the March OET Newsletter! This month we discuss the myth of the flat stomach and why you should never pull your stomach in during exercise. Also included is an article about ideal East-West Breathing and Egoscue posture exercises to restore this natural breathing pattern. 

A partner workout video is included this month to help bring variety and fun to your exercise routine. 

Thanks for letting me help you live, play, be...pain free!

Matt Whitehead
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Why You Should Never Pull Your Stomach In During Exercise
Abdominal Bracing Video

Have you ever been told to pull your belly button in and hold it there during exercise? 

Do you try to keep your stomach tight while lifting weights, working out, or while sitting at work?

Why? Where did this idea come from? The photoshopped images of anorexic models we see in fashion magazines or the heavily touched up photos of six pack abs in fitness magazines?

Should these images really be our role models for health and fitness? Probably not. (Just look at how terrible their posture is because of holding their abs in and tight - rounded shoulders, forward head, thoracic flexion, lumbar flexion, posterior pelvic tilt...a recipe for pain, injury, depression, and acid reflux among other things.)

Those fashion and fitness models are often very unhealthy, do not possess functional strength that matters in real life, and their habits of stomach tightening and pulling in can cause many negative health problems. Watch a video about why you should never pull your stomach in or keep your abs tight during exercise and learn what you should do instead. 

Posture Myth #3
Myth of the flat stomach

Posture myth #3

Part of my Posture Myths series, Posture Myth #3 is: Good Posture Means a Flat Stomach. This posture myth is promoted in fashion and fitness magazines, TV shows, workout videos, and by health and fitness professionals. But good posture does not mean having a flat stomach! Your Pilates or yoga instructor are usually not good examples of proper posture, often because of their excessively flat stomachs. Why is a flat stomach bad? Continue reading to learn three reasons why having a flat stomach not ideal.

East-West Breathing
Correcting Posture for Improved Breathing


Learn about what Egoscue describes as East-West Breathing and how your postural alignment either helps or hinders normal and natural diaphragmatic breathing. Try an e-cise menu to help restore proper posture and breathing patterns. Read more...

Bring a Friend Workout
Have fun while getting stronger

This routine of Egoscue posture exercises demonstrates the power of partner work by leveraging your friend's body weight and your own to help increase flexibility and build strength. You and your friend or significant other can use one another as a barometer for balance and maximize muscle engagement with this fun routine. If one of you loses your core stability, there's no hope for the other-so lean on each other! You'll work on shoulder and back flexibility, abdominal and leg strengthening, and you'll conclude the routine in Downward Facing Dog. Watch the bring a friend workout video.

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