October 2014

Welcome to the OET October Newsletter! This month our newsletter features the Pain Free Podcast which Matt was a guest on, an article about how chronic pain doesn't have to scare you (just in time for Halloween), and the question "why do you Egoscue?" and what motivates Matt to do daily menus. 

This newsletter also contains the world famous Static Back e-cise and an article about why more MRI machines is not necessarily a good thing. 

Do your menus and enjoy a pain free October!
In This Issue
The Pain Free Podcast
Featuring Matt Whitehead

Matt Whitehead was a recent guest on the Pain Free Podcast, hosted by physical therapist Jamie Glick. The Pain Free Podcast is a weekly show dedicated to giving you only the best information to promote your health and well-being. Weekly interviews with experts in their fields are provided, and the latest research is dispensed that help you improve your habits and your health today! Associated with the web site http://www.HowToHelpBackPain.com, the podcast will have a focus on pain-related conditions and their treatment options.

Matt was featured on episode 20 released on 10/20/14. 
Chronic Pain Doesn't Have to Scare You
The difference between a trick- or treat-meant

Chronic pain can be scary. Just the names alone are frightening - degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, fibromyalgia, ankylosing spondylitis, osteoarthritis, thoracic outlet syndrome, and spondylolisthesis among many others. The prognosis can be even more scary - most chronic pain diagnoses are considered "progressive", meaning they will only get worse over time - it's like a never ending horror film! 

Pharmaceutical drugs can offer temporary relief from symptoms, but do nothing about fixing the problem and the side effects of long-term use are frightening. Many chronic pain symptoms are eventually treated with surgery, but outcomes are spooky with many showing little long-term pain relief and most treating symptoms that often reappear over time requiring repeated surgeries. 

Why Do You Egoscue?
What drives you to improve your posture?
Matt crossing the finish line during the spring Portland Trail Series.
To be successful at Egoscue and posture correction, you have to have a strong goal or motivation to keep you doing your menus. Doing menus on a daily basis is not only important to get pain free but also to stay pain free. 

Some people are motivated by avoiding another back surgery or a joint replacement. Others are driven by a love for playing tennis or golf. Some people want to grow old gracefully and be able to enjoy retirement, travel, and play with their grandchildren. 

I do my Egoscue menus so I can stay pain free and be an example for my clients. I do my menus so I can play with my kids and be active with my family. And mostly, I stay consistent with my Egoscue so I can, like last Wednesday night, race in the dark on muddy, rocky, leaf covered trails, jumping over fallen trees and come out the other side pain free in 7th place. Fun!

Why do you do your menus? Share your story on Facebook.

Static Back - Egoscue E-cise
Posture therapy menu standby

Static Back is an Egoscue menu standby. It uses the force of gravity to settle your hips, back, and shoulders to the floor and put them in a neutral position. Having spent the last 13 years as a personal trainer, Egoscue therapist, PosturalAlignment Specialist, and Advanced Exercise Therapist, I've shown Static Back to thousands of people and have seen the benefits that just a couple minutes of Static Back daily can offer. Read more

MRI Machines
Is more really better?

An article from the Stanford School of Medicine talks about how having more MRI machines may actually be a bad thing for many people. This is because more MRI machines means more MRI scans which means people with new-onset back pain or knee pain get MRI's sooner which leads to more back and knee surgeries which have not shown great results.

What does an MRI really tell you? What does an MRI not tell you? What's the difference between the symptom and the cause?

Gain a better understanding by reading more.

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