March 2014

st-patricks-header10.jpgOur March newsletter contains a comparison between an orthopedic doctor (Dr. C. Thomas Vangsness Jr.) and a postural alignment specialist (Matt Whitehead) and their views on arthritis. Also included are 9 rules for living longer, happier lives from Olga Kotelko, a 94 year old track athlete and holder of 26 world records! If you have read "Pain Free" by Pete Egoscue, you are familiar with the 8 laws of physical health, but if you have not they are well worth reading and understanding. This month we discuss the latest research on building and maintaining bone density and what makes humans unique.
In This Issue
Orthopedic doctor & a postural alignment specialist discuss arthritis
Learn about our differing views regarding arthritis

Dr. C. Thomas Vangsness Jr. has just published a book called "The New Science of Overcoming Arthritis." He is an orthopedist and chief of sports medicine at USC's Keck School of Medicine. He recently did an interview with Paula Span for the New York Times and in this thought provoking article I give my opinion about his answers. Find out what we both think here.
Rules for longer, happier lives
Learning from a 94 yr old world record holder
Olga Kotelko is 94 years old and holds 26 world records for track and field, a sport she took up when she was 77! She is strong, flexible, fast, athletic, and full of energy. 
Bruce Grierson wrote a book about her called "What makes Olga Run?" and came up with 9 rules for living everyone could benefit from. Read the 9 rules here.
8 laws of physical health
by Pete Egoscue

These Eight Laws of Physical Health are from Pete Egoscue's book "Pain Free". They are a way to take the seemingly complex human body and confusing healthcare industry with millions of options and differing opinions, and break it down to what matters. If a product or treatment violates any of these eight laws, as Pete says, "Something is wrong." Look for healthcare providers, procedures, treatments, and products that believe in and sup port these 8 laws and avoid those that do not. This will ensure you are treating and using your body as it was intended and lead to a long and healthy life. Learn the 8 laws.
How to build bone density
And maintain it throughout life

Building bone density during adolescence is very important for a lifetime of strong bones and maintaining bone density as we get older is the key to preventing fractures in later life. Researchers are now learning what type of exercise is the best for increasing bone density and maintaining bone density and it is not weight lifting as many of us had been told for years. Read more.
What makes humans unique?
It's not what you think

Humans are a unique species. Scientists tell us that humans exhibit several characteristics, behaviors and abilities that distinguish us from all other animals. But science is showing us more and more that what we once thought of as our "unique" ability is now only "more advanced" than other animals. 
Humans have an advanced language, advanced ability to make and use tools, advanced ability to manipulate the environment to our advantage, and an advanced ability to create and interact in culture. Geneticists have shown us that 98-99% of our genes are the same as chimps.

With so much similarity between humans and other animals like chimps, what sets us apart?
Find out.
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