February 2014

Our February newsletter contains articles about the overlooked cause of bunions, what causes forward head posture, and why "normal" aging is not normal at all. We also discuss why hip and knee joints wear out, why artificial joints fail, and how more joint replacement surgery might not be the answer. In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. we invite you to embrace a paradox and learn how we at OET use the paradox in helping each of our clients become pain free.  
In This Issue
What is "normal" aging?
Average and normal are not the same
It's "normal" to lose muscle mass, bone density, joint mobility, height, endurance, energy, balance, and the ability to run, jump, hike, walk, and move as we get older. 

It's "normal" to have muscle soreness, joint pain, arthritis, herniated discs, bone spurs, trouble getting up off the floor and trouble sleeping at night as we age.
No wonder "anti-aging" is a multi-billion dollar business. Who would want to be normal if that's what it looks and feels like? Not me. 

But what if this "normal" is not normal at all? 
Read more.
Forward head posture
Causes and affects

Forward head posture is easy to spot and very common. This postural imbalance can be seen in classrooms, on red carpets, in retirement homes, on professional athletic fields, in the next cubical and driving the car beside you. Forward head posture can cause many problems like headaches, neck pain, shoulder and upper back pain, breathing issues, difficulty sleeping, TMJ and even depression. What causes forward head posture and how can you change it?  Read more.
Bunions - overlooking the obvious
Shoes are not the only cause

Bunions are a very common foot problem that is said to impact 30% of Americans and about 90% of those are women. Bunions can lead to significant pain and limitations in activity. What causes a bunion? 

Common thought is shoes. More specifically, shoes that have a tapered toe box that is too narrow to allow normal toe splay. Shoes can deform feet causing your feet and toes to conform to the show, but why do more people have a larger bunion on one foot compared to the other? The shoes are the same, so something else must be contributing to the bunion formation. Continue reading to find out what the other factor is.
Why joints fail and how to prevent it
Cause and affect of joint damage

Joints are essential pieces of the human body enabling us to run, jump, bend, and twist. Joints, along with the muscles that move them, are indispensable and allow us to work and play every day of our lives. But joints do fail. Both the beautiful joints we are born with - that are amazingly complex and simple at the same time - and the over 1 million artificial joints that surgeons implant into Americans each year. 
Not only are the number of joint replacement surgeries going up fast, but they are drastically out of proportion to our population growth and when compared to other countries. A really good question for our society to look at is: Why is it that we are so quick to replace joints?
Embrace the paradox
Martin Luther King Jr.'s teachings

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr.'s life, I'd like to invite you to embrace this paradox: 
You and I are equal.
You and I are different. 
You and I are the same.
This combination moves mountains, shifts cultures, and makes heroes for the ages. It is also a paradox we at Oregon Exercise Therapy use when helping each client reach their goal of living a pain free and active life without limitations. Learn how here.
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