December 2013

Our December newsletter features thought provoking articles about our beliefs about ourselves, our chronic pain, and the treatments we pursue. What we believe affects our every decision and shapes our lives. This month, you'll find articles about how a misunderstanding about our bodies could be the cause of our pain and why the cause of back pain is never found in 85% of patients. 
I discuss current ACL injury prevention programs and how they might be missing something very important, why CrossFit is experiencing increasing numbers of injuries and how we can prevent them, and take a look at Pete Egoscue and my own personal "pain free convictions". The first article answers the question: Who are OET's clients?
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thank you to everyone who helped make Oregon Exercise Therapy's first three months in business a success. It has been a pleasure working with each and every client and helping you toward your goals of living an active and pain free life. Thank you for your referrals and don't forget about our 1-for-1 referral policy

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from OET and my family to yours!
OET Client Facts, Perks, Programs, Beliefs, and Benefits
Get to know OET's clients

Clients of Oregon Exercise Therapy are special people that share common beliefs, goals, and achievements. OET clients also have many opportunities and perks that are exclusive to them. Let's take a look at OET client facts, perks, programs, beliefs, and benefits. Read more
Could a Simple Misunderstanding Really Cause All My Pain?
Questions worth asking

"When you question your stressful thoughts, you come to see that everything that has been troubling you is just a misunderstanding." - Byron Katie
Let's take 5 common thoughts people have about their bodies and their pain and explore them one at a time... Read more
Cause of Back Pain Never Found in 85% of Patients
Really?! Why?

I came across an article in the New York Times in which Dr. Dennis C. Turk mentions: 
"The exact cause of back pain is never found in 85 percent of patients." 
Why? I think it all comes down to what we are looking for...Read more
Preventing ACL Injuries
Do prevention programs really work?

The problem with how we have treated and attempted to prevent ACL injuries in athletes is we are taking an isolated view of the knee joint and trying to correct its movement patterns without looking at the big picture. Most "ACL injury risk reduction" programs just pass the stress onto another joint in the body because of the isolated view of what causes ACL injuries and "rehabilitation" of at-risk athletes. 
These before and after pictures of "rehabbed" athletes will show you that our current approach warrants reexamination and modification if we are going to deduce the number of injuries athletes suffer. Read more
CrossFit: How to survive injury free
Learn the keys to staying pain free

CrossFit has two statistics that are growing very rapidly: the number of people participating in CrossFit and the number of people getting injured doing CrossFit. The heavy weights and hard workouts are getting blamed for the injuries by many experts, but I think something else is behind the injuries...Read more
Egoscue Pain Free Convictions
What do you believe?

I think what you believe about your pain will affect whether it goes away or becomes chronic. You see, if you believe your back hurts because of a genetic flaw, you won't look at any treatment, program, or specialist that says otherwise. But what if your pain isn't caused by a genetic flaw, but something treatable? You'll never explore those ideas if it's not within your belief system. That is why I believe we must first examine our beliefs about our bodies and our pain...Read more
Referral Policy
Oregon Exercise Therapy LLC is happy to offer you the 1-for-1 Referral Policy. For every one new client you refer to us, you get one free posture alignment therapy session! 

**New client must pay for 1 or more sessions.**

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