October 2013
OET Open House

We had a very successful open house for Oregon Exercise Therapy on Friday October 4th. The open house was an opportunity to show everyone our beautiful new office and enjoy some good food and wine. It was great to have many current clients come out to support us and also meet so many new people. We look forward to helping you live, play, and be...pain free!
In This Issue
Why runners don't get knee arthritis
Science supports running

Running mile after mile year after year causes wear and tear on your knees and leads to arthritis. Right? Maybe not according to research over the last couple years. To understand why runners don't get knee arthritis, lets first do a quick knee anatomy and function review... Read more

True source of back pain
It can be found

In a recent CNN Health article, they reveal how studies show that 20-25% of all chronic lower back pain comes not from the spine but from the sacroiliac, or SI, joint. The article goes on to say:

"Most spine surgeons, however, aren't trained to look at the sacroiliac joint; they generally don't learn about it during their residency or fellowships. Then X-rays, MRIs and CT scans of aching, aging backs show narrowing spinal discs, without actually showing whether these discs are producing pain...further confusing the diagnosis of the suffering patient."

"As a result, many people progress through the usual stages of back pain treatment, from physical therapy and chiropractic treatment to injections, laser procedures and finally to surgery, without ever addressing the true source of the pain." Read more

Benefits of Postural Alignment Therapy
Experience them all!

Postural Alignment Therapy is designed to bring the joints, spine, and body back into alignment and perfect posture.

The top 20 benefits of Postural Alignment Therapy include:
  1. Decreased musculoskeletal pain
  2. Improved posture
  3. Decreased chance of injury
 Read more

Healthcare Survey

Take this survey to let us know more about your healthcare choices regarding musculoskeletal pain/injuries and treatments. Take survey

Referral Policy
Oregon Exercise Therapy LLC is happy to offer you the 1-for-1 Referral Policy. For every one new client you refer to us, you get one free posture alignment therapy session! 

**New client must pay for 1 or more sessions.**

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