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October 2015
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Welcome to the California Capital E-Newsletter.  Here at California Capital, we value up-to-date research on small businesses and we want to share that information with you.  In this monthly e-newsletter, you'll find an abundance of newly released data relevant to a wide variety of small business-related issues.  This month we put the spotlight on Asian American Small Business Owners. In addition, we ask you to share your small business success stories!  In this newsletter, you'll also find a list of upcoming classes offered through the Women's Business Center (WBC) and the Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC).  Enjoy and we hope to see you at California Capital events and workshops!

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Survey of Business Owners: Asian American Data 

"Asians owned 1.5 million nonfarm U.S. businesses operating in the fifty states and the District of Columbia in 2007, an increase of 40.4 percent from 2002. These Asian-owned firms accounted for 5.7 percent of all nonfarm businesses in the United States, employed 2.8 million persons (2.4 percent of total employment) and generated $507.6 billion in receipts (1.7 percent of total receipts)."


Determinants of Business Success: An Examination of Asian-Owned Businesses in the United States
"Using confidential microdata from the U.S. Census Bureau, we investigate the performance of Asian-owned businesses. Using regression estimates and a special non- linear decomposition technique, we explore the role that class resources, such as financial capital and human capital, play in contributing to the relative success of Asian businesses. We find that Asian-owned businesses are more successful than white-owned businesses for two main reasons - Asian owners have high levels of human capital and their businesses have substantial startup capital. Using detailed information on both the owner and the firm, we estimate the explanatory power of several additional factors."

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Asian & Pacific Islander Americans in Sacramento: A Community Profile, 2000 and Beyond

"In August 2002, the City of Sacramento was hailed as "America's Most Diverse City" by Time Magazine for being an integrated melting pot of people, cultures, and languages. According to Census 2000, there are 407,018 residents in Sacramento. Included in this figure, 40.5 percent of the city's population (164,974) are non-Hispanic whites, 15.5 percent (62,968) are African Americans, 1.3 percent (5,300) are Native Americans, and 19.6 percent (79,952) are Latinos. Many may be surprised that Sacramento is home to just over 70,000 Asian and Pacific Islander Americans (APIAs) and this represents 17.6 percent of the city's population. In 2004 it was conservatively estimated there were 96,000 APIAs in Sacramento, representing 22 percent of Sacramento's population."  

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