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August 2015
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Welcome to the California Capital E-Newsletter.  Here at California Capital, we value up-to-date research on small businesses and we want to share that information with you.  In this monthly e-newsletter, you'll find an abundance of newly released data relevant to a wide variety of small business-related issues.  This month we put the spotlight on Promise Zones. In addition, we include an invitation to you- we want to hear your success stories! In this newsletter, you'll also find a list of upcoming classes offered through the Women's Business Center (WBC) and the Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC).  Enjoy and we hope to see you at California Capital events and workshops!

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What is the Promise Zone Initiative? 


"A child's zip code should never determine her destiny; but today, the community she grows up in impacts her odds of graduating high school, her health outcomes, and her lifetime economic opportunities.  For kids who don't get an equal start in life, the President is committed to partnering with local leaders to give them proven tools to rebuild and put people back to work.  It will take a collaborative effort - between private business and federal, state, and local officials; faith-based and non-profit organizations; and striving kids and parents - to ensure that hard work leads to a decent living for every American in every community."






Sacramento Becomes a New Promise Zone

"The Obama Administration announced ... eight additional Promise Zones across the country, including six cities, one rural area, and one tribal community.  Promise Zones are high poverty communities where the federal government partners with local leaders to increase economic activity, improve educational opportunities, leverage private investment, reduce violent crime, enhance public health and address other priorities identified by the community...."


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We want to put the spotlight on your business!  On a regular basis, the California Capital Newsletter will feature a successful local business.  PLEASE CONTACT US WITH YOUR SUCCESS STORY! We want to know...

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