Business Intelligence + Big Data
November 2013

Welcome to this month's edition of iOLAP iNSIGHTS.  In this issue you will find interesting articles on several topics, including some thoughts on how you can help your company by being a business intelligence leader.  Prakesh shares insights on his recent IBM training and Mike provides you with a tech tip on speeding up your ETL.

The iOLAP Team

Trends, News and SoundBytes That Caught Our Eye
MicroStrategy recently released its new Desktop Analytics product.  Click here for more information.
Data Science Central published an interesting article on Web Analytics and the top books and information on that topic.  Good reading if you want to know more about the increasing demand of professionals needed in that area.  Click here to see the article.

IBM announced new data discovery and visualization capabilities at recent Information on Demand (IOD) conference in Las Vegas.  Click here for information.  
iOLAP recently presented a webinar on Mobile BI User Interface Design.  If you missed it, click here to see the recorded program and download the slides.

What's On My Mind: The Difference Between Managers and Leaders and Why It Matters to You 
Steven Crofts, VP of Marketing, iOLAP, Inc.



In the early 1990's I was working for a small software company in Seattle that developed mainframe database performance monitors. One day it was announced that we were being acquired by a much larger company. It was the first time in my career I had faced an acquisition and the horror stories I heard from co-workers were unsettling to say the least.


To be honest, the entire experience turned out to be relatively uneventful and even positive. I was able to work with great people who taught me a lot.  


I clearly remember one afternoon when my new boss chatted with me informally at a corporate retreat and simply asked, "Do you consider yourself a manager or a leader?"  Think about that for just a minute and ask yourself how you would answer that question.


Click here to read the entire article on our iOLAP blog.

IBM BigInsights Has Potential If It Lives Up To Its Promise
Prakash Sukumar, Principal Consultant, iOLAP, Inc.


IBM released Hadoop-based InfoSphere BigInsights in May 2013. There are already Hadoop-based commercial distributions from other vendors such as Cloudera, HortonWorks, MapR.  


So it was interesting to learn how IBM stacks up against other vendors in the Big Data landscape.I learned because I had an opportunity to get hands-on with the InfoSphere BigInsights Big Data ecosystem the week of October 7, at an IBM bootcamp. 


Click here to read the entire article on our iOLAP blog.


Tech Tip of the Month: Using SQL Analytical Functions in ETL for Added Speed and Improved Real-Time Business Analysis 
Mike Devenny, Managing Partner, iOLAP, Inc.


Developing ETL code and attempting to achieve the ultimate business solution can have its challenges. There is always "a need for speed" or real-time business analysis.

Using database analytical functions offered by leading database providers (e.g. Oracle, DB2, Microsoft SQLServer2005 and Teradata) a developer can cut down on the amount of processing within the ETL tool and allow the database to assist with the processing.


Click here to download the full PDF-formatted article.


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