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Congrats to Dr. Brown
For Dr. Brown's Patients
Weight Loss--What Works? (part 1)
Delayed Cord Clamping
Consumer health technology for weight and fitness
New Peanut Allergy Info
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Sparks & Favor PC 


Good News, Dr. Brown!


With sincere appreciation to our patients! 


Dr. Brown was recognized in this year's Alabama Baby and Child/ "Parents' Picks" survey. Read more.
There is no better measure of the quality of our care than a recommendation from our patients!


Issue: #16Spring 2015
The medical information provided in this email is for educational purposes only. These pages are not intended to provide medical advice or physician instruction, and it is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always consult your physician prior to starting any new treatment or with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. 
From Dr. Brown
Important information for her patients

I would like to share with my patients that I will be taking a short leave of absence from about the last week in May through the first week in July. During a routine medical exam, my doctor discovered an early malignancy in my lower digestive tract. I feel very fortunate that, in this case, the good routine medical care I recommend to women each day has allowed me receive early treatment, and I look forward to returning to my full schedule.


I sincerely regret this inconvenience to my patients, but I confidently place your care needs in the hands of my partners during my absence. Our office will contact you to reschedule your routine appointments for my return. For my pregnant patients and GYN patients needing to be seen while I'm away, Drs. Sparks, Favor, Stradtman, and Gregory will be very pleased to see you in the office.


Thank you for your understanding.

Dr. Cindy Brown

Weight Loss--What Works?
Part 1--The effects of hormones, age, and childbirth on weight management

Weight loss-what works? That's the $20 billion question-literally.  ABC News reported in 2012 that this amount was the annual revenue of the U.S. diet industry, including diet books, diet drugs, and weight loss surgery.  Looking at rising U.S. obesity and type 2 diabetes rates, Americans did not spend their money wisely.  Many of you saw this disturbing Obesity Trends video clip when we posted it on Facebook recently (based on Centers for Disease control and Prevention data).


As women's physicians, our commitment to your care means helping you to reach and maintain the best possible level of wellness, including weight management and fitness. The honest truth is that a "fix it and forget it" approach to diet and exercise is doomed to fail. Read more.

For Expectant Parents
Should we delay cord clamping?

Perhaps nowhere is the task of separating important, new medical recommendations from the latest hype more unsettling than for expectant parents. Through our association with the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, continuing medical education, and annual professional re-certification, your physicians here at Sparks & Favor stay informed about changes in obstetric practice. We want to help you distinguish recommendations based on new medical knowledge from fads (some harmless, but some risky).


One issue about which you may have heard different thoughts from family, friends, or the media concerns the clamping of your baby's umbilical cord. Read more.

Weight Loss--What Works?
Part 2-- Dr. Sparks blogs about consumer health technology (online food trackers, fitness trackers, and your smartphone)
Over many years of discussing nutrition and exercise with my patients, I've encouraged journaling--that is, keeping a daily written record of your diet and activity. This formal accountability is the reason that many people find success with Weight Watchers®. It's also the reason that many others feel defeated before they begin. Today's busy woman can scarcely remember or find time for all that looking up and writing down. 

But the explosion of new consumer health technology has become a game-changer! It places the food/exercise journal at your fingertips 24/7-via your cell phone! And most users find that it consumes no more than 5 to 10 minutes of the entire day. Read more
New Information about Peanut Allergies
With particulars for pregnant and breastfeeding women

The tiny, humble peanut has gotten considerable attention from the health news media recently. The headlines are connected to the fact that peanuts allergies are the deadliest of all food allergies. Individuals who are seriously allergic to peanuts are always alert to the possibility that--each time they dine away from home or open a package of prepared food--they risk consuming peanut protein. They must carry injectable epinephrine (the EpiPen) with them to treat anaphylaxis, the life-threatening reaction that may occur when they are exposed to peanut products.

Past research has focused on trying to reduce the risk that child will become allergic. Read more.
Our Patient Portal
Online access to your care at Sparks & Favor


Our patient portal is now active. The portal will give you another way to contact us for appointments, prescription refills, lab results, summaries of your office visits, and billing via secure (HIPAA compliant) online access.
After your next office visit, you will receive an email invitation to use the portal. You can also find the portal sign-up form on our website. (Click here).  If you choose to sign up, you can verify your identity and create a password. We offer this service for your convenience. It will not replace our face-to-face care for our patients. You can still reach us by phone for care questions, appointments, billing matters, and urgent after-hours care as you always have. But we hope you will find the portal a user-friendly, helpful way to keep your personal health information organized.
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Sparks & Favor PC has been providing high-quality care to Birmingham women since 1991. Each of us is a board certified obstetrician and gynecologist. As a group practice, we are able to offer our patients state-of-the-art technologies such as digital mammography, 4D ultrasound, bone density testing, and laboratory testing conveniently within our office. Yet, we are small enough to ensure good communication between you and your physician. 


In addition to care in our office, we provide 24/7 care for our obstetric patients and those with urgent gynecologic problems. Only our physicians provide after-hours care, as we do not share call with any other group. We appreciate your confidence in us and hope to participate in your care for many years.


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