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2015 - 2016
The Year of Music
September 2nd, 2015

In This Issue: 

  1. Meet Our New Faculty

  2. Catered Lunch Programme

  3. What to Bring on the First Day of School

  4. MJDS Upcoming Events

Meet Our New Faculty

Please join us in welcoming our newest MJDS team members:

Shiri Yehoshua
Shiri was born in Israel and has been in Canada since 1994.  She holds a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology and has a background of Child and Adolescent Development. We are very lucky that Shiri decided to make a career change as she longed to work with children, to see the sparkle in their eyes when they discover a new skill, learn something wonderful, and acquire new ways of looking at themselves and contributing to society. Shiri is pleased to join Kita Shalhevet to foster strong Jewish identity, a love for Israel, and mostly - excellent life skills through the Montessori system of nurturing children's natural sense of curiosity and imagination.

Sheri Granite
The daughter of diplomats, Sheri grew up between Israel and Canada and learned about many other cultures through her extensive travel.  During her service with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) she taught  both Hebrew and English. Sheri holds a B.Ed from the University of Toronto's Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE). She brings the experience of working with both pre-school and high school students and she will spread her time teaching Hebrew to our new Casa and the Middle School.  Sheri hopes to inspire our children to find their own strengths and passion.  

Anna Hudo
Anna arrived in Canada from Israel only a few months ago. She first came to MJDS as the After School supervisor; working with us she felt that Montessori philosophy "speaks to her" and this led her to attend a Montessori Course so as to better prepare to work as the Judaic Studies teacher in Kita Zohar, the MJDS Toddler class. 

Alicia Kesten
Alicia will be working in our Toddler Community.  She holds a B.Ed from Queen's University and a degree in Childhood Development from Seneca College. To MJDS Alicia brings experience and passion for working with young children and for teaching and learning.

Michael Ruben
Michael has had a rich involvement in the Canadian Jewish Community. A graduate of Associated Hebrew Day Schools and Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto (CHAT) he holds a degree in History from the University of Toronto (U of T) he has worked with the Canadian Jewish Congress and the World Zionist Organization.   His involvement with Israel does not fall behind as he worked at the Leo Baeck Education Centre and the Adam Institute and as professional tour guide, field educator and lecturer in Israel.
Currently Michael is the Ritual Director at Beth David and will be leading the Judaic Studies curriculum in Kita Rimon.  Michael is looking forward to sharing a mutually engaging experience with MJDS and commencing a new chapter of his life's educational adventure.

Catered Lunch Programme

MJDS is pleased to offer a hot lunch programme catered by  Tov Li.
This follows Ministry of Education regulations that mandate us to offer hot lunches for children that are at school during lunch. Look for the menu and cost details in your summer package. To ensure that your child receives a lunch from the very first day of school, e-mail Matti now at adminMJDS@mjds.ca

What to Bring on the First Day of School


Toddler Environment

Kita Zohar: Glow


Kita Zohar is the name of our Beit Ha Bambini - the house of our youngest children. We perceive each one of us in the class as a spark of light. When we are together, we become a bright light, generating heat and warmth for life. We feel strong and safe.


When we are separated, we will return to an individual, tiny spark again - yet a spark of hope for our class, our school, the world, and the future.


*Half-day children:                                                               * Full-day children:

- 2 to 3 sets of spare clothes, including socks                - 3 to 4 sets of spare clothes, including socks

- 3 to 4 diapers                                                                            - 5 to 6 diapers

- 2 plastic/waterproof bags                                                   - 2 plastic/waterproof bags

- 1 pair of indoor shoes (kept at school)                           - 1 pair of indoor shoes (kept at school)

- 2 boxes of wipes (kept at school)                                     - 2 boxes of wipes (kept at school)

                                                                                                          - toothbrush, toothpaste, and small cup 

                                                                                                          - bed sheet, blanket, and pillow for nap time

                                                                                                             (brought home at the end of the week and                                                                                                                               returned clean on Monday)


*All items must be labelled and stored in a backpack/schoolbag that your child can carry on his/her own to school and back home daily. Download the full document from your summer package here.


Casa Environments

Kita Mazal: Luck


Mazal means luck, but so much more than that. To be in the right place at the right time is not so uncommon. But to do the right thing, at the right time and in the right place is powerful beyond measure. It is our own deeds that make us fortunate. What we do is what makes the difference.


Kita Gefen: Vine


Gefen is the word for grapes growing on the vine. A grape is something that by itself has no importance. No one buys one grape. Grapes are bought in bunches. In a similar way a humble person is a person that sees importance in being by himself. His role in life is one of importance only when he is together with a social structure. Together, with his society, he shares his life with others.


Kita Parpar: Butterfly


The butterfly is a symbol of freedom and hope, it is a colourful, vibrant and significant creature in nature. The word Parpar is only used once in the Bible and is therefore one of a few rare and unique Hebrew words. In the visual arts, butterflies are depicted as symbols of hope for a better future. With this name we also celebrate the aspect of children leaving the "cocoon" behind and exploring the world around them as butterflies do.


**Please bring:

- closed-toed, gym-appropriate indoor shoes - no crocs (kept at school)

- 1 to 2 sets of spare clothes, including socks (kept at school, sent home when necessary and must be replaced)

- water bottle

- kippa/head cover (kept at school)

- photo (new children only, to help identify cubby)

- fabric table mat for lunch (full-day and extended half-day only)


**Label everything with your child's name or family name. Please no backpacks, everything can remain in their cubbies or lunch boxes.


Elementary and Middle School Environments

Kita Magen David: Star of David 

Lower Elementary


The Star of David is the quintessential symbol for Judaism and has been since ancient times. The Magen David represents the number seven: that is the six triangles plus the hexagonal centre. The number seven has special significance in Judaism relating to the six days of creation and the seventh day of rest. Our classroom environment reflects the six days through the hard work that is performed by each child and each adult, constantly creating and building ourselves in the process. Yet, we also hold dear the idea of perfection from the seven, recognizing the beauty of each child as they are and for who they are right now, each and every day.


Kita Shalhevet: Flame 

Upper Elementary


When the name "Shalhevet", which means "flame" was suggested for our classroom we thought it was perfect. Somehow the class, the children and the way we are, brought this name to mind. It is also relevant as Maria Montessori said that good education is to look on the mind as a fertile field in which we sow seeds that can "grow under a flaming ball of imagination". We have a class full of children who love to learn. Never was a name so well chosen.


Kita Rimon: Pomegranate

Middle School


The Middle School children chose the name "Rimon" for many reasons. Rimon is the Hebrew word for pomegranate. It is said that there are 613 seeds in a pomegranate, which corresponds to the 613 mitzvoth or commandments of the Torah. The Middle School years correspond to the years in which a child has his bar-mitzvah or her bat-mitzvah and when they become an adult responsible for fulfilling the 613 mitzvoth.


Please bring:

- closed-toed, gym appropriate indoor shoes (kept at school)

- cloth table mat for lunch

- kippa/head cover (kept at school)

- water bottle

- label everything with your child's name or family name

- please no backpacks


***Class contact lists will be emailed from your child's class***

MJDS Upcoming Events

September 3 - 7:30pm - Orientation for new Toddler and Casa Parents
* Child care available through RSVP at 

September 4 - 11am - 12 pm - Open House for all Families