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"Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort." 


- Franklin D. Roosevelt 



Thanks to your generous donations to our Year of Sports and Health this spontaneous handstand lesson was made possible as these children experience the joy of accomplishment as well as the thrill of creative effort on the new gym wall mats!
June 14th, 2015

In This Issue: 

  1. Shalhevet Camping Trip

  2. M H Monsters Softball Tournament

  3. End of Casa Celebration and Café Theatre

  4. The Toddler Experience

  5. Community News

  6. MJDS Upcoming Events

MJDS campers singing prayers on their camping trip. Full of Joy ... even in the rain!

Shalhevet Camping Trip


Wednesday morning at MJDS began by excited Upper Elementary students loading the bus with their tents, belongings, and of course food for the journey. The younger children watched from the playground with awe as they saw these older students heading out on a great adventure. Unlike the younger Casa students, the bus ride is not the pinnacle of excitement for this field trip. Instead it was only the beginning of the grand adventure that was about to unfold. 

Camping Photo Album


In true Canadian fashion, camping at the beginning of the season is never perfect; the weather is unruly and that only

 makes things more exciting. MJDS students triumphed in spite of the rain. They also feel a deep satisfaction in the success of a trip for which they looked after every detail, from fundraising, to booking the bus, they planned the menus, shopped for tents and food and so much more. We invite you to see their trip for yourselves. Take a look at this wonderful photo album, created by our fearless administrator Matti who ventured out of her office for this experience! Enjoy. 


Thank you to Matti for her enthusiasm and care taking, to Matthew for bringing music and Jewish spirituality, to Simon for guiding the children at every step, to Catherine for being the driving force and to all for believing in the children!


Please make sure you read about the spiritual experience from Catherine's point of view here
M H Monsters joyfully pose for a team picture at the softball tournament

M H Monsters Softball Tournament


The Montessori-Heschel Monsters softball team had a wonderful time participating in the Jewish Day School League full day tournament on June 9, 2015 in Thornhill. Our team was built this year in combination with students from Heschel, and their dedication to the sport has been clear from the start. Every game day they have worn their uniforms with pride and represented MJDS with great spirit and joy. Mazal Tov to all of the team members, and we look forward to watching you play again next year ... on an all MJDS team!

Parents writing their hopes and dreams for their child's future during the End of Casa Celebration

End of Casa Celebration and Café Theatre

Gefen End of Casa and Cafe Theatre 


This week we held our annual End of Casa Celebrations

 and Café Theatres. A big thank you to Madame Marie Elena as she led our young students through an entertaining retelling of "Les Trois Petite Cochons" ("The Three Little Pigs"), and Kol haKavod to our young actors who put such effort into their performances and ruled the stage. We can't wait to see what is in store for next year.


Mazal End of Casa and Cafe Theatre





We also said good-bye to our students who are moving up this year. This is a sad, yet joyous time for teachers as we have to let go of the students who have been such a big part of our lives for the past years. We wish them all the best in the years to come, and know that they are well prepared for any challenges that will come their way. 


Toddlers learning about the joy of dance during Kabbalat Shabbat

The Toddler Experience


Making berry paint with joyous effort

The nature of a toddler is such that the majority of what they learn is from scratch. However, this can also be exciting and full of opportunity as they learn from the ground up, getting to the root of how things work and why as they develop skills to use this knowledge. 


As we reflect on the past year in the toddler program we are drawn back to these moments of curiosity and creativity. Whether they are exploring the artistic properties of fruits and vegetables as they build and paint with them, gaining an understanding of snack preparations, or building bonds through social interaction, their delight in discovery is the true essence of learning.

Community News



We have great news ... our community has grown again! Mazal Tov to the Levy-Kauffman family for the birth of their baby girl. She is sister to Yael in Kita Gefen, and daughter to parents Sharon and Jason.


Echoage Logo

We would also like to thank the most recent supporters of MJDS through the Echo Age birthday program; Ysabelle Gordon, Stephanie Ezri, Max Kranc, and Matthew and Renee Sharrett.



Also, we are very proud to welcome the Switzer family back to MJDS after their move abroad. Jacob and Leah were back just in time to join Shalhevet on their amazing camping trip! Parents Dayna ad Jeffrey are happy to be back.

MJDS Upcoming Events


June 18 - 5:30 pm - Year of Sports and Health Celebration at the Esther Shiner Stadium

June 19 - Noon Dismissal - Last Day of School