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"The aim isn't to teach our kids that they're gifted at everything; the aim is to teach them to delay their judgment, to give themselves time to find the places and ways that have meaning for them, to make room for surprise and evolution in who they become. If we can encourage them to play, to take risks, to experiment, to take themselves less seriously, they will have a better chance of knowing when it's time to hone in on something that has real heat for them."


- Courtney Martin


This Upper Elementary student is learning to experiment in nature as she plants new flowers into the MJDS Heart Garden. Learn more about this unique thoughtful endeavour by Shalhevet students in our next newsletter.
June 7th, 2015

In This Issue: 

  1. MJDS Community Shabbat Dinner

  2. On Being an MJDS Parent: To Foster Grit in Our Kids and Ourselves

  3. Our Cross-Country Runners at the JSAA!

  4. Magen David at the ISAA Track and Field Meet

  5. End of Casa Celebration and Cafe Theatre

  6. MJDS Upcoming Events

This MJDS family joins in on the Community Shabbat Dinner

MJDS Community Shabbat Dinner


Shabbat Dinner Photo Album

On Friday the MJDS Community joined together to welcome Shabbat with a wonderful dinner. Thank you to Shalisa, Sarit, and all of the staff, students, and parent volunteers who helped to make this event so successful. 


We said good-bye and thank you to this year's Shinshinim Gal and Ishai, who worked so hard all year to bring Israel into our students' hearts and minds, and we wish them all the best in their future endeavours.  We would also like to thank and say Yasher Koach to the Levi-Steinberg family for leading the Shabbat ceremony. Enjoy this Shabbat Dinner photo album created by Danielle.

Magen David, Shalhevet and Rimon prepare for the End of the Year Celebration

On Being an MJDS Parent: To Foster Grit in Our Kids and Ourselves


Have you ever wondered how, as a parent, you can encourage your kids to work hard at mastering skills that, at first, evade them? We've all experienced that moment where you want to give up because you just don't get it, but how do you teach the concept of try, try again, and try some more? Read this article by Courtney Martin to discover her thoughts on the matter.

This Lower Elementary student placed 2nd in the Cross-Country Meet

Our Cross-Country Runners at the JSAA!


Upper Elementary student training for the cross-country meet. He placed 5th overall!

As our year of Sports and Health comes to a close, it is incredibly promising to see our students fully embrace healthy living and fitness. This ever-evolving trend was further reinforced during the past two weeks where we had many of our grade 3, 4, 5 and 6 students voluntarily train and compete in a spring cross-country meet in the Jewish Schools Athletic Association.


This competition was over and above the track and field training and ISAA Track and Field Meets both Magen David and Shalhevet attended. The collective work ethic and intrinsic drive within all our amazing Elementary athletes have been an overwhelming privilege to witness over this past year.


For those students who chose to train for cross-country, during track and field season, thank you for your commitment to athletics and representing MJDS so positively. Though the Year of Sports and Health is coming to an end, this is only the beginning of our continued mandate to grow our Physical Education program every year moving forward, and increase the overall fitness levels of all our children.


Jason Rybak,

MJDS Health and Physical Education Advisor

Team Magen David at the ISAA Track and Field Meet

Magen David at the ISAA Track and Field Meet


ISAA Track and Field Album

Magen David joined a number of other independent schools as they participated in events such as standing long jump, running long jump, javelin and several runs.  Although MJDS children did very well in each of the events, the emphasis was not on competition.  


They each followed their own drive to excel and to achieve their personal best.  As our quote states, they "made room for surprise and evolution" as they played and took risks; they also revelled in the camaraderie and good fun! 

End of Casa Celebration and Café Theatre


It seems like only yesterday we were beginning the year, and now the year is coming to a close and we are preparing to say goodbye to our graduating Casa students. Our graduates have been working on their End of Casa projects: a personal timeline and their Shabbat Box, which will be showcased during this event.


After the End of Casa Celebration, the Full-Day Casa students will perform "Les Trois Petits Cochons" as the culmination of their lessons in French. Half-Day students are welcome to come and watch with their families, however they will not be participating.


Kita Mazal will be celebrating on Wednesday June 10th, and Kita Gefen will be celebrating on Thursday June 11th. Both events will take place in the Sisterhood Room of Beth David at 2:30pm.

MJDS Upcoming Events


June 10 - 2:30pm - Kita Mazal - End of Casa Celebration and Café Theatre 


June 11 - 2:30pm - Kita Gefen - End of Casa Celebration and Café Theatre 


June 18 - 5:30 pm - Year of Sports and Health Celebration at the Esther Shiner Stadium

June 19 - Noon Dismissal - Last Day of School