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"Pesach without children is like a cantor without a song, like an actor without any lines, or a storyteller without an audience."

~Joe Bobker, And You Thought There Were Only Four: 400 Questions

to Make Your Seder Enlightening, Educational and Enjoyable, 2006


This Casa student is learning about the 10 plagues that were brought upon the Egyptians
March 29th, 2015

In This Issue: 

  1. On Being an MJDS Parent: A Conversation After School

  2. "Let's Get Active!" Casa Sports and Health Event

  3. Shalhevet and Rimon Students Learn Self-Defense

  4. Preparing for Pesach

  5. Meet Our Next Shinshinim

  6. MJDS Student Competes in Terpischore 2015

  7. Rikudiyah: The Israeli Dance Festival

  8. MJDS Upcoming Events

On Being an MJDS Parent: A Conversation After School


Are you tired of getting the same answer to your question "What did you do at school today?" Take a look at this article for some hints on helping your child to open up about his/her day. "A Converstation After School" is written by Sarah Moudry, Parent Educator and Early Childhood Specialist with nearly 20 years working in education.  

Members of the Blue Team from the Casa Sports and Health Event

"Let's Get Active!" Casa Sports and Health Event


Casa "Let's Get Active!" Photo Album

The morning began with a spirited warm up in Hebrew lead by Dina and the children and then the colourful teams split up to participate in the 5 Sports and Health stations. Parents bravely let their children blindfold them and serve them bites of healthy fruits and vegetables in the Blind Taste Test. Parents played the game perfectly and some even made mistakes on purpose, causing an uproar of laughter from the children. 


An obstacle course was enjoyed by parents and children alike. Pan Am Bingo tested everyone's knowledge of the games, and winners celebrated with exercise moves. Walking along a rope with a bean bag balanced on your head was another challenge. Students also created a participation badge in MJDS colours. Finally the children gathered back together to lead parents through some calming yoga moves to end the event.


Thank you to everyone who attended our first ever Interactive Casa Event and to all of the teachers, staff and student volunteers who helped to create such a successful event. We all know that it is important to keep our bodies healthy through exercise, yet we may not often get a chance to share that experience with our children. It was wonderful to see families getting active together and having fun. Enjoy the "Let's Get Active!" photo album with your children and re-live the excitement.

MJDS family dominating the obstacle course during the Casa Sports and Health Event

Shalhevet and Rimon Students Learn Self-Defense


As a part of our new Physical Education Program, the Upper Elementary and Middle School students have been learning about self-defence with Jason Rybak, MJDS Health and Physical Education Program Advisor, who holds a black belt in both karate and jujitsu and is a Martial Arts trainer.  The students are focusing on blocking and breakfalls and are now adding locks, pressure points, take downs and board-breaking. Enjoy these photos and ask your child to show you some moves!


Self-Defense Lessons Photo Album
Magen David student sorting chametz and non-chametz

Preparing for Pesach


Pesach Kearat Seder

Preparations for Pesach are in full-swing at MJDS. Our youngest students are learning about Pesach through stories and songs and focusing on the vocabulary associated with the holiday. The Toddlers will be making - and tasting - their own Charoset.  Casa students are practicing the blessings and songs that fill our classrooms with joy; Mah Nishtana sung spontaneously and often!  The children are also enjoying drawing their own seder plate, Kearat Seder, to decorate the environment. Magen David students are using new Hebrew Montessori materials for Pesach and they are creating a "Claymation" narrative of the story. The children in Kita Aleph are making artistic multi- media representations of the plagues. 


Rimon and Shalhevet once again volunteered in the Passover Food Drive and packed boxes for Jewish families in Toronto in need to ensure they will be able to celebrate the holiday. MJDS students were praised for their efforts and dedication to supporting the community as they were the only group of volunteers who stayed until each and every box of donations had been packed. 


Shalhevet students are learning about the Exodus, not only as a very important aspect of Judaism but also within the scope of human migration over time. Rimon and the oldest children in Shalhevet are exploring the concept of a personal struggle as related to overcoming obstacles.  Please check in next week as we share some of their thoughtful pieces.

Shalhevet and Rimon students packed donation boxes in support of Toronto's Jewish community

Meet Our Next Shinshinim


While Gal & Ishai continue to do incredible work at MJDS this year, we want to introduce you to Noa Bezalel & Itay Kleinman, MJDS's 2015-2016 ShinShinim!  


They are very excited to come to Toronto next year and get to know our community.  They have prepared a short introductory video to get to know a little bit about them.

Noa and Itay ShinShinim 2015-16
Noa and Itay ShinShinim 2015-16
Casa student learning about the parts of an amphibian in connection to the 10 plagues

MJDS Student Competes in Terpsichore 2015


Congratulations to MJDS Upper Elementary student Yuval for winning first place with her dance group in the Junior Group Category and for receiving the highest group score of the whole competition! Kol hakavod Yuval.

Kita Shalhevet student and her first place dance group

Rikudiyah: The Israeli Dance Festival


MJDS Elementary students will once again take part in Toronto's 45th Annual Rikudiyah.  Led by Yaniv, our children dance with joy and style!   Rikudiyah will take place at the Schwartz/Reisman Centre on April 19th. Space is limited so be sure to purchase your tickets online for $10/each. If available, tickets will be sold at the door for $15.

MJDS Upcoming Events

April 2- 10 - Pesach Break - School Closed


April 19 
- Rikudiyah: MJDS Elementary Children Participate in the Israeli Dance Festival

April 20 - Spring Term After School Special Programs Begin (no Special Programs will run April 13-16)


May 1 - Café Theatre  Magen David Level 3 students  2:30 pm at Beth David