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- A haiku poem from 6 year old Casa student Ava  


These Casa students proudly completed their work on the Square Bead Chains for numbers 1 to 10 in preparation for later mathematics work with squaring and cubing numbers.


March 15th, 2015

In This Issue: 

  1. On Being an MJDS Parent: Meeting the Goal of Power

  2. Diwan Saz Concert

  3. A Peek into MJDS Classrooms

  4. Film Fest Purim Parade

  5. Pesach Food Drive

  6. Shinshinim bamitbach

  7. MJDS Upcoming Events

This Casa student is joyfully matching animal families while learning the Hebrew names.

On Being an MJDS Parent: Meeting the Goal of Power



See It In Your Child: Meeting The Goal Of Power
See It In Your Child: Meeting The Goal Of Power


This week we bring you an insightful and educational video from Maren Schmidt about increasing your child's independence and avoiding power struggles. You will learn about the process for enlarging your child's circle of power through 3 steps; skill, responsibility, freedom; and this is exactly how we guide our students in our classrooms.

Toddler students enjoying the time outside and learning to work together by playing together.

Diwan Saz Concert


On Wednesday MJDS was treated to a very special private concert with Diwan Saz, the interfaith multicultural group of musicians from the Middle East brought to us by Ashkenaz and the Aga Khan Museum.  Diwan Saz promotes peace through music, and our students were delighted to have the opportunity to meet the members of the group and learn about their unique instruments.  They were also quite taken by the 14 year old Bedouin performer.   There was a beautiful moment when one of the musicians began to play Shalom Alechem and our students began to sing spontaneously. Diwan Saz's message of peace, beauty and spirituality with a bit of fun resonated deeply with MJDS children and adults alike. We know you will enjoy the pictures from this event, and there is even a short video in the picassa album!

Diwan Saz Concert Photo Album

Here's what some of our students had to say about the experience:

"I liked when the boy sang"

"I loved when they explained about themselves"

"It was awesome with all the instruments"

Lower Elementary reading partners. 3 year age groupings allow for moments such a this where the older student is practicing leadership and courtesy while the younger student is practicing the skill. Lessons take on a whole new meaning when the information comes from a peer.

A Peek into MJDS Classrooms


Shalhevet and Rimon had the school smelling wonderful as they baked "Petit-Beurre" during French class.   The grade 6 and 7 students were excited to begin their woodworking projects this week. Items being created include hockey sticks, a music box, a family tree, and a mini pinball machine.


After the Diwan Saz concert Magen David students had a discussion about how they can help to spread peace in the world and in the classroom. Smiling at each other, sharing, and treating others with respect are just a few ideas that the children shared. Another way that the students are learning about peace is through the Reading Partners initiative, in which older children pair up with younger children to help them practice their reading skills - Both children love it and benefit!


Mazal and Gefen have been discussing the upcoming season of Spring (āvīv) אביב and made tissue paper flowers with the Shinshinim. Some children have discovered an interest in measuring objects in centimeters and creating charts of their findings, while others have rekindled their love of books and the joy there is in sharing them with their classmates.


Our youngest students in Kita Zohar have been enjoying the warmer weather, spending more time outside and talking about the arrival of Spring. A couple of the oldest students attended the Diwan Saz concert and were enthralled by the music.

Upper Elementary student begins his woodworking project.

Film Fest Purim Parade


This year's first ever MJDS Film Festival was a success with 30 students participating and raising $468. 100% of the funds raised will go towards the purchase of school film equipment. Thank you to Clapboard Kids Film Workshops and the Shinshinim for their support and dedication to ensuring this events success.


The children enjoyed a picnic-style lunch in the gym followed by film-related games and a stop motion picture activity. You can watch the stop motion video that was collaboratively created in groups throughout the afternoon here:



The children finished the afternoon by watching five fabulous films selected from past MJDS Clapboard Kids Film Workshop sessions. They thought it was hilarious to see various students in the films from a few years ago, since they have grown so much since then!

Lower Elementary students creating the stop motion video during the Film Fest.

Pesach Food Drive


One mitzvoth that we try to inspire in our students is that of tzedaka, or charity. Please join us in supporting this year's Pesach Food Drive in support of the National Council of Jewish Women of Canada. The NCJWC Toronto Section is once again coordinating the community-wide food drive as over 2,400 (13%) of Toronto's Jewish community live in poverty and can benefit from our help.

Your food contributions help make our community inclusive and alleviate some financial burdens during Passover each year. Thanks for your ongoing support. We look forward to your participation again this year.


A box will be placed in the foyer.  

Most needed Kosher for Passover Products:

·         Apple Juice (Tetra)

·         Canned Tuna

·         Grape Juice (Tetra)

·         Matzo Meal

·         Apple Sauce

·         Cookies

·         Jam

·         Soup

·         Canned Fruit

·         Farfel

·         Macaroons

·         Jello

Please ensure that all donated items are marked


Casa student placing his donation into the class tzedaka box during Kabbalat Shabbat.

Shinshinim bamitbach


Dear MJDS parents,


We are happy to invite you to a special evening program- Shinshinim bamitbach - Shinshinim in the kitchen.


We will meet at the Rebick's house on Thursday March 26th from 7:30 to 9:30 to make Shakshuka and and Israeli salad, and discuss different Israeli issues.


Please RSVP at galandishai@gmail.com

See you there!


Gal and Ishai

MJDS Shinshinim

MJDS Upcoming Events

March 16, 17, 18 - Casa Parent Teacher Conferences (Mazal and Gefen)


March 26 - 9:30 am - Casa Sports and Health Event at Beth David


March 26 - 7:30 pm - Shinshin bamitbach


April 2- 10 - Pesach Break - School Closed


April 19 - Rikudiyah