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"Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see"

Neil Postman (1931 - 2003) 

author, media theorist and cultural critic

March 8th, 2015

In This Issue: 

  1. The Joy of Purim

  2. A Very Special Concert

  3. Going Out Promotes Peace and Understanding

  4. MJDS Upcoming Events

The Joy of Purim


This newsletter marks the end of a joyful week of Purim and the proud anticipation of a very special event both within our school and the larger community.


Last week was full of learning, creativity, friendship and excitement as the children

  • watched a puppet play of the Megillah created and presented by the older children in Shalhevet and narrated by Middle School student Maya in her unique lively style
  • gladdened the heart of the seniors at Bernard Betel
  • baked delicious Oznei Haman hamentashen
  • created magnificent masks and headdresses
  • had artistic face painting
  • prepared and enjoyed a festive meal seudah
  • prepared and gave each other a mishloach manot
  • volunteered at the Purim Carnival at Beth David
  • gave money to the poor matanot l'evyonim
  • sang and danced  

We know you will enjoy this photo album of the culminating day as the children reveled in their costumes dancing with Gal and Ishai and enjoying the sports-themed activities.


Purim Photo Album

Thank you to our Shinshinim Gal and Ishai for all their hard work and enthusiasm while preparing for and celebrating Purim.

Our oldest students proudly show off their artistic masks

A Very Special Concert


Our excitement continues as we prepare for a very special event for us and for the community at large.


MJDS is proud to announce that we will be hosting a concert by Israel's interfaith group Diwan Saz, in conjunction with Ashkenaz and the Aga Khan Foundation.

Diwan Saz Interfaith Ensemble


Diwan Saz is a multicultural group of Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Bedouin musicians, artists and teachers who perform ancient music from Central Asia, Turkey, Persia, and the Holy Land. They have played in festivals and venues throughout Europe, Israel, India the United States and now Canada.  This visit brings them to the Aga Khan Foundation and MJDS. 


After the concert the children will join the members of Diwan Saz for an interactive exploration of their instruments.  

MJDS students greeted by dignitaries of the Aga Khan Museum

Going Out Promotes Peace and Understanding


As they promote peace and understanding Diwan Saz embody the power music has to unite people of different faiths and backgrounds.  In their own way, MJDS Upper Elementary students have also played a role in promoting cultural understanding also with a direct link to the Aga Khan Museum. A group of students in Shalhevet visited the museum as one of their Going Out experiences.  Prior to their visit the children had learned about Islamic art, culture and literature, and specifically about the design and architecture of the museum.  Upon arrival they were warmly welcomed and directed to look for a piece that has Hebrew writing.  What a way to start!


By the end of their visit they had seen many interesting pieces of art, were taught how to play a game and enjoyed the gift of fresh baklava.  They also had the pleasure of meeting the Education Manager who introduced them to other officials and museum guides. They were all quite impressed by our students' knowledge and by their demeanor, confidence and joy.


We are very proud of our MJDS student ambassadors and know that you will enjoy this video presentation: Aga Khan Going Out 2015

MJDS Upcoming Events

March 11  - Concert by the renowned interfaith group Diwan Saz presented to MJDS students in conjunction with Ashkenaz and the Aga Khan Foundation.

March 15 - Zimriyah - Adath Israel Congregation. Purchase tickets here.


March 16, 17, 18 - Casa Parent Teacher Interviews (Mazal and Gefen)


March 26 - Casa Event 9:30 am at Beth David