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 Thank you for letting us know how much you enjoyed last week's quote. 

This week we have another quote from Seth D. Webb.


"Maria Montessori's view of children, and her holistic approach to learning, provides an exceptional framework for reforming and reinvigorating our schools. In approaching education as a process to be explored, as an ever-unfolding journey of experimentation - rather than the static binary relationship of prescription and recitation - Montessori shows us the way forward." 

January 18th, 2015

In This Issue: 

  1. On Being an MJDS Parent: The Gifts of Success and Connection to Judaism

  2. Montessori Elementary 101: The Gift of Meaningful Connections

  3. Mode Ani: The Gift of Gratitude

  4. Building the Eiffel Tower: The Gift of Culture

  5. Inside the Teenager's Scary Brain

  6. Parent Night: The Gift of Protection

  7. Order Your MJDS Gym and Spirit Clothing Online

  8. MJDS Upcoming Events

On Being an MJDS Parent: The Gifts of Success and Connection to Judaism


Can you think of 7 ways in which you are helping your child succeed?  Have a look at this infographic that depicts how Montessori education can help your child to succeed in school and in life. An MJDS education gives your child even more: a strong connection to Judaism and Israel in a Montessori environment that is interactive and encourages exploration of both curriculum and Jewish values. 


How a Montessori Education Can Help Children Succeed


Montessori Elementary 101: The Gift of Meaningful Connections


We would also like to share another infographic: Elementary Montessori Education 101, to support your decision to extend your child's Montessori education beyond the preschool years. Current brain research confirms Dr. Montessori's approach to learning during the elementary and adolescent years, and we continuously see the proof of these methods every day at MJDS. 

Mode Ani: The Gift of Gratitude


In Kita Magen David, our Lower Elementary environment, morning prayers begin with Mode Ani (I am grateful to you ...). As you saw in the Elementary Infographic above "Meaningful contexts improve learning" and elementary students develop their social skills through their interactions within the classroom community. In order to provide meaningful context for Mode Ani to Kita Magen David students, Judaic Studies teacher Ella asked the student community what they were grateful for. Here are some of the children's responses.


                "I am grateful for having parents." - Sam, Kita Bet

                                "I am grateful to have a home." - Hannah, Kita Gimmel

                                                "I am grateful for snow days." - Kalanit, Kita Alef

                                                                "I am grateful for everything." - Shelly, Kita Bet


At MJDS, Jewish Life and Values are interwoven into every aspect of the Montessori pedagogy. The children in the elementary are social creatures discovering what kind of person they are, inquiring about the difference between right and wrong, and finding where they fit in to the grand scheme of life. Having strong and positive models to follow and clear values that are represented and respected throughout the community is what makes MJDS such a special place for your child to learn.



Building the Eiffel Tower: The Gift of Culture


MJDS Graduates are thriving in their French classes.  And it is no wonder!  They do not / nor have they had to memorize. French as a  language is explored through culture. It has come alive for them through context rich, hands on personal involvement.  Enjoy these pictures!


Inside the Teenager's Scary Brain


Are you a parent of a teenager, and you find yourself wondering what happened to your precious baby that was here only yesterday? Or is your child about to enter this period of transformation and you want to know how you can prepare yourself? Neuroscientist Dr. Frances Jensen explains the science behind the teenage brain and provides a guide to navigate this perilous territory in her new book The Teenage Brain: A Neuroscientist's Survival Guide to Raising Adolescents and Young Adults. We are happy to share two articles about this fascinating topic.


Parent Night: The Gift of Protection


We are delighted to welcome Tracy Grisdale back to MJDS on Thursday January 22nd at 7pm when she will present the Protective Behaviours program to  the MJDS community.


Tracy Grisdale has been in Montessori for over 30 years, as a teacher, teacher trainer and an administrator and is now Principal at Central Montessori Schools.  She holds her Casa and Elementary AMI diplomas and a Masters in Education. During her years as a teacher, both at the 3-6 year old level and the elementary level, Tracy became a supporter of the Protective Behaviours program.  As teacher trainer, Tracy has worked with MJDS teachers to implement this program and is pleased to present it to our parent community. 


See the flyer here


Order Your MJDS Gym and Spirit Clothes Online


We are delighted to present a new line of high quality comfortable MJDS clothing for the whole family.  Samples will be available in the foyer so that you can check out the quality and sizing. Please have a look at the catalogue: 2014-15 MJDS Sportswear Catalogue and you can order on-line now!



MJDS Upcoming Events

Thursday January 22- Protective Behaviours Parent Night with special guest Tracy Grisdale (changed from Jan 29). Childcare Available. Please RSVP to regina@mjds.ca 


Saturday February 7 - MJDS Family Havdallah

Thusrday February 12 - Professional Development Day - School Closed
PD Day Camp Available - Pottery with Shayne and Suzie
Registration due February 3rd

February 13 - 16 - Mid-Winter Break/Family Day - School Closed