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"We start with the child. A curriculum does not drive our work with children; rather, it serves as a map for the journey. The children, then, help to create what is studied; they are partners in the creation of the universe that unfolds before them. What they desire, what they need, how they present from moment to moment constantly reshapes the forward progression of learning, and the attainment of new knowledge." - Seth D. Webb from his blog post Caring for The Dream

January 11th, 2015

In This Issue: 

  1. On Being an MJDS Parent that Knows About Media!

  2. Protective Behaviours Program and Invitation

  3. MindShift: The Value of Connecting the Dots to Create "Real Learning"

  4. Welcome to a New MJDS Baby!

  5. Exciting News: MJDS Gym and Spirit Clothing Has Arrived!

  6. MJDS Upcoming Events


On Being an MJDS Parent that Knows About Media!



With the constant growth and transformation of technology it is our responsibility as parents and educators to educate ourselves and be observant of how this technology can affect the children in our care. We are happy to share two short articles from Common Sense 

Media with tips for TV and Movie viewing for children.


Is Watching TV Really Bad for Kids?


Loveable Movies with Surprisingly Scary Scenes


Protective Behaviours: A Personal Safety Program


At MJDS Opening Minds and Hearts means that we educate the whole child, above and beyond the academic curriculum. We want our students to be confident and capable in all situations and to know that they have the right to feel safe all of the time.  One means to do so across all levels of learning is through the Protective Behaviours Program.  We also believe that it is important to connect home and school as partners in your children's education. Please join us on Thursday January 22nd for a Parent Partnership Evening when special guest Tracy Grisdale will present the Protective Behaviours Program and show you how you can implement the program in your own home. A brief introduction to the program follows and we hope to see you on January 22nd.

Protective Behaviours, a personal safety program, aims to promote resilience in children, young people, and adults, using empowerment strategies, clear communication, and awareness of "safe" behaviours. Ultimately the aim is to reduce violence in our community and prevent child abuse.The 

Protective Behaviours program was originally developed as a child abuse prevention program. Today however, Protective Behaviours has a much broader application, not merely focusing on abuse prevention but addressing empowerment, communication, self-esteem, resilience, social skills and other life skills.  Learn more here and DO come on Thursday, January 22nd.

MindShift: The Value of Connecting the Dots to Create "Real Learning"


If you have ever asked yourself what is "real learning" that leads to mastery in contrast to the traditional "memorizing and regurgitating" this article is for you.  It will give you a different perspective of many of the educational principles that we believe in.   


Open Connections is based on the premise that "learning is natural and self-motivated, does not have to be compelled, and is experiential.... Its other core beliefs: There is variation in human development; there is inherent value in free play and taking pleasure in learning; collaboration is more useful than competition; learners have the right to pursue their own interests; and people learn best in mixed-age groups, in an atmosphere free of the anxiety generated by artificial grading and testing. Sounds like MJDS! 


Read more here.


Welcome to a New MJDS Baby!


Our community grows again! Mazal Tov to the Borer family on the birth of their 4th child, a healthy baby girl.  She is sister to Kalanit in Kita Magen David and Nati and Rivi in Kita Gefen.


Exciting News: MJDS Gym and Spirit Clothing Has Arrived!


We are delighted to present a new line of high quality comfortable MJDS clothing for the whole family.  Samples will be available in the foyer so that you can check out the quality and sizing. Please have a look at the catalogue: 2014-15 MJDS Sportswear Catalogue and you can order on-line now!



MJDS Upcoming Events


Monday January 12 - After School Special Programs Begin

Thursday January 22 - Protective Behaviours Parent Night with special guest Tracy Grisdale (changed from Jan 29)

Saturday February 7 - MJDS Family Havdallah