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December 19th, 2014

In This Issue: 

  1. The MJDS Chanukah Experience

  2. Chanukah Through the Lens

  3. MJDS Apparel for the Whole Family

  4. MJDS Upcoming Events

The MJDS Chanukah Experience


Chanukah is a joyous time for MJDS students, and each year we aim to bring something new and meaningful to our work with the children. This year we focused on olive oil to commemorate the miracle that began the festival of lights. Not only did the children learn about harvesting olives for oil, but they made their own olive oil during an Olive Pressing workshop presented by Rabbi Yonah. They discovered that oil can be used to create soap and body lotion, and that there are many different kinds of oil and each has its own distinct flavour and colour. Science experiments, cooking lessons and art projects were also focused on the various uses for oils. 

Using a Centrifuge to Separate Oil


Did you know ...
  • It takes at least ten pounds of olives to make one liter of oil
  • A traditional olive mill is called beit h'bad
  • Hundreds of olive varieties exist around the world
  • Traditionally it takes eight days to separate the oil from the juice
  • You can use a centrifuge to speed up the process of separating the oil
  • Olives are at their prime for only about two or three weeks and then the healthy compounds rapidly diminish over the next two to five weeks


Chanukah Through the Lens


A picture is worth a thousand words so here is a compilation of photographs featuring Chanukah activities happening at MJDS.


When you look at this Picasa album you will see:

  • Olive oil workshop with Rabbi Yonah
  • Making Soap
  • Making Candles
  • Pitting Olives
  • Lava Lamp Science Experiment
  • Marble Oil Art
  • And other Chanukah Activites ... Enjoy!

MJDS Apparel for the Whole Family


We're all so proud of our community and school, now we can all show it! MJDS ATHLETIC APPAREL AVAILABLE JANUARY 2015! Stay tuned and be ready upon your return to for full athletic gear available to all ages, from toddlers to adults. Students can come to every physical education class prepared for training...especially at our upcoming athletic competitions! Check out the images below to see some of the options coming. More information will follow during our first week back to school.




MJDS Upcoming Events


 December 22 - January 2 - Winter Break

January 5 - Professional Development Day - School Closed

                       PD Day Camp: In the Kitchen with Dinah: your children will love it!

January 22 - Protective Behaviours Parent Night (changed from Jan 29)