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November 23th, 2014

In This Issue:

  1. On Being an MJDS Parent: Binoculars In The Family Room?
  2. When Is School Not School?
  3. Pictures of the Week
  4. Moving Up to Middle School
  5. MJDS Upcoming Events 


On Being an MJDS Parent: Binoculars In The Family Room?


If there is only one thing you can do to keep your wonder-ful children's sense of wonder alive, this is it!


Think about it: The people who are going to be the next big inventors in the world are currently children.  How do we ensure that the next Marie Curie has the opportunity to recognize her true potential?


Astrophysicist, cosmologist, author, and science communicatorNeil deGrasse Tyson: offers A Killer Answer.....



When is School Not School?


Has anyone asked you why you chose Montessori for your child? Are there times when you wonder about this decision? For so many it is uncharted territory; to know what to respond or to remind yourself, and to see why MJDS children are so joyous and learning so much here are two excellent resources:


Montessori Overview - This is not a school ... At least not in the traditional sense.         


A fascinating video by pediatric neuropsychologist, Dr. Steven Hughes.


And, a quote by DeGrasse Tyson:  There is no greater education than the one that is self-driven.


Pictures of the Week 


Pictures can truly speak a thousand words, so here are two glimpses into the wonders of the MJDS environment. Enjoy!


A Casa child gives a lesson on animals around the world to her younger peers - they, in turn participate attentively.



Lower Elementary and Casa children are proud to show their creativity and mutual enjoyment in After School.



Moving Up to MJDS Middle School


MJDS Graduates are shining in their High Schools!

They - and their parents - know that they were well prepared for that important transition. MJDS Middle School is an evidence-based programme developed specifically to nurture and enrich adolescent development.  It is no wonder that MJDS Middle School students love school!  


We invite you to learn more at our Moving Up to Middle School Evening Thursday November 27th.  We will be joined by MJDS alumni and their parents and special guest, former "Montessori Child" and future MJDS parent Erez Eizenman.


Calendar Reminders 


November 27 -  7:00 pm  - Moving Up To Middle School


All parents are invited to learn more about how the MJDS Middle School is the ideal preparation for high school .... And for life!



December 17 - 6:00 pm at Beth David - Chanukah Celebration             


This will be a Chanukah party like no other!


December 11 - After School and Special Programs Registration  due



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