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November 16th, 2014

In This Issue:

  1. On Being a MJDS Parent: Progress Reports and Assessment
  2. Remembrance Day Celebrated Through Art
  3. Making Food with Toddlers
  4. Mazal Tov!
  5. Moving Up to MJDS Middle School
  6. Calendar Reminders


On Being a MJDS Parent: Progress Reports and Assessment


This week you can look forward to receiving your child's Progress Reports: to support your understanding of how your child actually benefits from an education without tests, marks or letter grades and how this leads to happier children (and teens) and deeper learning... we offer you two fascinating articles:


One article is about tests:........which concludes:

.......  education is about human development.  That's it, really: the understanding that humans have an inherent optimal path of development, which includes intellectual curiosity and the acquisition of culture, and that development can be helped or hindered.  Devise a test that can measure that, and we'll be sure to excel.


And the second one is about points based or letter grades. Not only do they
communicate precious little about the process of learning a given subject; worse, points-based grading undermines learning and creativity

And.....to help you in your never-ending quest to understand how assessment happens without tests in our program,  you can  read MJDS Assessment Tools and Methods here:

....  or you can pick up a hard copy in the foyer. 




Remembrance Day Celebrated Through Art 


School Bulletin Board with Remebrance Day Artwork


November 11th,was a powerful and emotional day for Kita Rimon and Kita Shalhevet as the students commemorated Canadian Remembrance Day.  The day was observed in part by students creating mixed media poppy art inspired by the poem "In Flanders Field".  The children used this activity as a time for reflection; some students chose to share stories they have heard about their families or the war, and they discussed how people live on through stories and art. The display of their artwork together reminds us of both the search for personal meaning in Remembrance Day and the importance of coming together as a community at such times. 


Making Food with Toddlers

Toddlers cooking


Would you like your child to enjoy healthy and natural foods? Invite them in to the kitchen at an early age and share with them the sensorial experience of breaking into the skin of an orange and smelling the citrus aroma that is released, and revel in the pressure exerted when mashing potatoes. Make fun fruit kabobs and watch them disappear with delight, as the children in Kita Zohar recently experienced. 




Mazal Tov and Welcome!


Mazal Tov to the Hankin family who recently welcomed a healthy baby boy. Mom, Dad and big brother Shayne are so excited that he has arrived.


Moving Up to MJDS Middle School


MJDS Graduates are shining in their High Schools. They - and their parents -  know that they were well prepared for that important transition. MJDS Middle School is an evidence based programme developed specifically to nurture and enrich adolescent development. It is the ideal next step to build on the strong foundation you and the school have already given your child through Casa and Elementary. We invite you to learn more about this at our Moving Up to Middle School Evening Thursday November 27th



Calendar Reminders


November 21 and 22 - School-wide Parent Teacher Conferences.

*  Sign up sheet will be available in the foyer on Monday.


November 22 -  School Closed. Childcare available only during your 
     scheduled conference time.


November 27 -  Moving Up To Middle School


All parents are invited to learn more about how the MJDS Middle School is the ideal preparation for high school .... And for life!



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