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October 2013 - Vol 1, Issue 1
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Tech Corner: unitemized pickups
Records Central Launches New Website!
Someone Tell Me Please, Just What is HIPAA?
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Tech Corner:
   unitemized pickups

Did you know that along with ordering your file and box deliveries through RCI's online portal, you can also order box and file pickups?  


It's easy! There are two ways to order a pickup: itemized and unitemized. In an itemized pickup you enter the individual barcode numbers of the files and containers you want to send to storage. This option is a good choice if you have specific items that you want picked up that are mixed in with items that are not yet ready to be moved to storage.  


For an unitemized pickup you just enter the quantity of containers and files you want picked up, and RCI does the rest! Here's how:

  • After you login to RCI Online, select "Getting Started" under the Order section of the left menu area.
  • Choose the "Unitemized or Bulk" link under Add Items into Cart
  • Enter the quantity of Containers, Filefolders, and Tapes you have for pickup in the appropriate blanks, and click the Add to Cart button when you are finished.
  • From the Cart screen you can complete your order by selecting "Order" under the Checkout menu button above the cart grid or you can continue ordering additional items and check out later. Note: Remember that your order will not be submitted until you go through the check out process from the Cart screen.

That's all there is to ordering an unitemized pickup!  


If you have a question or helpful hint that you would like to see covered in a future Tech Corner, please send it to 

Welcome to the first issue of the Records Central e-newsletter! We are excited to have a new way to communicate with you in 2013. Here at Records Central, Inc, we take the business of records storage and information management very seriously, as we have for over 40 years. This newsletter is one way that we can share our experience in the industry with anyone who wants to better manage and secure their organization's valuable information.

What can you expect in each issue?
  • Tech Corner
    with specific tips to help you get the most out of RCI's hardcopy management system. is your direct connection to your information managed by Records Central. 
  • How To:
    a column with info about the tasks involved in managing your information. From the best ways to prepare your files for storage to best practices for document security and destruction, we'll cover the topics that will help you stay on top of your information management game!
  • In-depth articles about all aspects of information management. We will discuss the information management needs and legal requirements that affect various industries. We will highlight the different products and services provided by Records Central, Inc, and how we can help you to best meet the needs of your business.
Whether you do hardcopy storage, shredding, digital media, digital imaging and storage or all of the above with Records Central, or are just interested in keeping up with the latest in Records and Information Management, we hope that this newsletter will be valuable reading for you every month!
Records Central Launches New Website!

Along with this newsletter, Records Central, Inc. has officially re-launched our website. now has a fresh, new look with easier navigation, more features, and lots of useful information.

  • Find what you are looking for - The blue menu bar at the top of each page links you to information about all of our service offerings, including hardcopy records management, electronic content management (ECM), secure shredding, and data protection services
  • Information is easier to access - The left side menu bar and the quick access menu at the very top of each page are designed to make accessing your information and interacting with Records Central easier than ever before!
  • Get where you are going - The "Client Login" link in both areas lets you access your customer accounts for hardcopy storage, ECM, online billpay, and online backup.  "Contact Us" lets you submit a request for more information about any of our services. "Customer Support" gives you access to online support sessions and meetings for training on our services. "Submit a Support Ticket" will soon give you the ability to create an online case for RCI tech support issues.

In the coming months, we will be adding industry specific information and educational resources to Whether you are an attorney, accountant, medical professional, or a business owner or administrator, will help you to manage the information and records specific to your business.


All the issues of this newsletter will be archived on so you can always go back and find that useful bit of information that you wanted to share with your office but accidentally deleted from your inbox.


Please visit to learn more about the many services we provide and how you can easily and securely access your information. We invite you to return to often and continue to take advantage of this newsletter designed to help you manage your valuable information better.


Someone Tell Me Please, Just What Is HIPAA?

HIPAA Image Some of you may already be familiar with HIPAA, The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, while others have only heard it mentioned in passing during conversation with colleagues or around the office.


HIPAA was enacted by Congress in 1996 and signed by President Bill Clinton. One part of HIPAA adjusts health insurance coverage for workers and their families when they change jobs or become unemployed (COBRA coverage).


HIPAA also addresses security and privacy of health data. While protection for privacy has been a long-standing tradition among health-care providers in the United States, on the federal, state and local levels, it was inconsistent and insufficient. With the shift of medical records from paper to electronic formats, there has been an increased risk of access, use, and disclosure of sensitive personal health data.


HIPAA applies to "PHI' (Protected Health Information). This is information that identifies who the health-related information belongs to, i.e. names, email addresses, phone numbers, medical record numbers, photos, driver's license numbers, etc. Anything that can identify a user with health information of any kind is considered PHI. This could be an appointment, list of prescriptions, test results, or even doctors.


I'm not a doctor, and don't work in the medical industry, so this is not relevant to me, right?




Medical information is found in many offices, covering many industries. A company that offers group health plans, companies that provide services to physicians, healthcare providers, hospitals and insurance companies may also be affected by HIPAA. Attorneys seeking medical records can also be affected by HIPAA limitations regarding authorization and subpoenas. Vendors contracting with healthcare organizations, may need to enter "business associate agreements" that require compliance with the entity's patient information protections.


Are you HIPAA compliant?


For more information on how HIPAA applies to you or your business, or to find out if you or your business is compliant, give us a call at 216-881-6970 or visit us at


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