For applicants that will be submitting 2017 Funding Applications, please utilize the 2017 Ownership Verification Form to show all AHFA active projects owned by your organization.  This form will be used in lieu of listing AHFA Funded Properties on the 2017 Schedule or Real Estate Owned (Non-AHFA) (Part 1) Form (2017 SRO Form).
Please note the following:
  • Any non-AHFA projects will need to be listed separately on our 2017 SRO Form.
  • Active AHFA projects are projects that have either closed their AHFA HOME Loan, or have received the IRS 8609 form.
  • If you have already received the AHFA provided form, please send an email stating such, and whether you will be submitting a 2017 Funding Application.
  • AHFA will review all forms for accuracy and reply to each owner entity. 
Please submit one (1) form per ownership entity, and complete all information (excluding the project name).  Please complete and send to:  Ketcia Barlow by December 30, 2016.   Please refer to the 2017 Application Instruction and Forms for additional information.

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