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June 6, 2016 AMENDED

Dear CRPO Member or Stakeholder;

As part of our effort to regulate in an open and responsive manner, the College sends periodic e-communiques to Members, applicants and other stakeholders. Watch your inbox for future editions every four to six weeks, containing relevant information and updates.
Close of Grandparenting: The Countdown Begins!

Grandparenting is a time-limited, alternate route to registration which allows established practitioners in Canada with appropriate education & training and clinical experience to apply for membership as a Registered Psychotherapist, without having to write the Entry-to-Practice Registration Examination. The Grandparenting route is available until March 31, 2017.

There is less than one year remaining in which practitioners may apply for membership via Grandparenting. If you know a colleague who is eligible or has expressed interest in registering with the College but hasn't applied, please share this news and encourage them to begin the process well before the deadline of March 31, 2017. This will ensure they have enough time to provide the required information. No Grandparenting applications may be submitted after March 31, 2017. 

For more information about the Grandparenting requirements, click here. If you have questions after reviewing the website content, send them to [email protected], or leave a voicemail message on our toll free number,1 (888) 661-4801 or (416) 862-4801 and a member of staff will return your call.
RPs and Gender Affirming Surgeries

Several Members and stakeholders have brought to our attention the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care's recent policy on Sex Reassignment Surgery. In particular, the ministry's newly expanded list of providers who may refer clients for OHIP-covered sex reassignment surgery, does not currently include Registered Psychotherapists. We have raised our concerns with the ministry who has invited us to make a submission about the issue. As a result, CRPO will undertake research and prepare a written submission on the potential future role Registered Psychotherapists might have in referral to insured gender affirming surgeries.

Please note that the ministry's policy only references those professionals who may refer clients for OHIP-covered sex reassignment surgery. Registered Psychotherapists with appropriate training may provide a variety of other services relating to clients' gender identity and transitioning. The College is currently developing a practice standard entitled Affirming Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. It will soon be presented to Council for approval to circulate for public consultation.
Automatic Inflation-based Fee Increase

Every three years, the College's fees automatically increase to account for inflation. The fees were set in September 2013, and increases will take effect on September 18, 2016. The fee increase will be 4%, and a list of new fee amounts will be posted on our website shortly.

Many Registered Psychotherapists have expressed the belief that they pay higher fees than many other health professionals in Ontario. The reality, however, is that the annual fees for the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario are the fifth lowest in Ontario among the 26 regulated health professions. The upcoming increase will not change this. We also have the lowest annual fee of the five new colleges that have been proclaimed in the past few years.

The Regulated Health Professions Act requires all health profession regulators to carry out the same objects and duties. This means that the activities and responsibilities performed by colleges are similar, whether the profession has 500 members or 250,000.  As our membership numbers grow, we may in fact be able to re-examine our fees in the future. Any opportunity to reduce fees will be acted upon. There is a cost to self-regulation which must be entirely covered through Member and applicant fees. We hope this explanation will provide Members and applicants with the information they need to understand the upcoming automatic fee increase.
Key Information about Registration Renewals

CRPO Members are required to renew their registration in March of each year. We would like to provide some information based on inquiries sent by Members. Given the large number of registered Members and the amount of information in the registration Renewal Form, it normally takes a regulatory body several months to review all registration renewals. Members can rest assured that they can continue to practise as usual while their renewal is being processed.

Members can track the status of their renewal on the main page of the 2016-17 online Renewal Form.  Registration staff will contact a Member if there are questions, e.g. about currency hours, or if more information is required. We will not be individually notifying Members after we have completed processing their Renewal Form, nor will Members receive a new Certificate of Registration for every registration year.
Third Party Insurance and HST Concerns

We receive a number of concerns and requests from Members who would like to see Registered Psychotherapist services covered by insurance companies or exempt from HST. We appreciate the need for clients to access affordable care. However, the College is not in a position to advocate for what could be seen as Members' direct financial interests. The College's duty is to protect the public, mainly by administering its legal functions (registration, quality assurance, complaints & discipline, etc.). If you are concerned about third party insurance coverage or HST issues, please contact your psychotherapy professional association. 

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