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IMPORTANT UPDATES re Registration Process
February 27, 2015


ATTENTION: All Applicants:

It has recently come to our attention that a significant number of completed applications have not actually been submitted. Once you've been notified that your application fee has been received by CRPO, you must submit your application by clicking on the "Submit" button - it does not happen automatically! 


After submitting your application, make sure the "Application Status" box on the first page of the Application says "Received".  If it says "Open" your application has not yet been submitted.  If you think you have submitted an application, please check to make sure it has actually been submitted!


Jurisprudence e-Learning Module


Some applicants, having completed the English version of the module, are also (accidentally?) enrolling in the French version, but not completing it. This generates an additional invoice for the French version, which is generally not paid. A problem results when the applicant then submits their application fee, as the system will apply part of that fee to the unpaid invoice for the French module.  If you find you have enrolled by mistake in the French module, please contact staff who will void the invoice - you cannot do this yourself.


Unsolicited Documents


Please do not send unsolicited documents to CRPO. Unless specifically requested, do not mail or courier hard copies of documents to CRPO. Most communication between applicants/future members and CRPO will be conducted electronically. This includes corresponding with CRPO staff, paying invoices, and submitting supporting documentation. Only in the following specific instances, will hard copies of documents be accepted:

  • CRPO has requested hard copies;
  • academic transcripts are required to be mailed directly to CRPO by educational institutions (transcripts mailed by applicants themselves will not be considered).

Except in these specific instances, all documents should be scanned and uploaded to your CRPO User Account on our Member Management System. NOTE: You will be asked to retrieve unsolicited hard copies, or they will be returned to you or securely disposed of.


HST Exemption and Services Insured by 3rd Party Payors


We are starting to receive calls from prospective members asking whether Registered Psychotherapists will be exempt from charging HST for their services, and also whether 3rd party insurers, e.g. extended health care plans, will cover the services of RPs. As a regulatory body, these are not issues the new College would wade into, as it is not the role of a regulator to advocate for the business interests of its members. These questions should be addressed to professional associations that represent the interests of future members of the College.  Our role will be to protect the public interest.


Proclamation Date


CRPO is still awaiting word from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care regarding a proclamation date for the Psychotherapy Act, 2007, bringing the new College into full operation. As many future members and interested stakeholders are aware, CRPO has asked for an April 1st, 2015 proclamation date. Needless to say, the closer we get to that date without official word, the less likely it becomes. We are hopeful, nonetheless, that proclamation will occur this spring.   




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