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Regular Route to Registration
December 15, 2014


ATTENTION: All stakeholders



The transitional Council is pleased to announce the launch of the Regular Route Application for registration. The Regular Route is intended for recent graduates of psychotherapy education & training programs, and students nearing completion of their education & training, in contrast to the 'Grandparenting' Route, which is available only to experienced practitioners.


All Regular Route applicants will be registered initially in the Qualifying category of membership, until such time as they have successfully completed the registration exam, and possibly, other outstanding requirements for registration as a full Registered Psychotherapist (RP), including: 

  • 450 Direct Client Contact hours (min. 125 hours required for Qualifying category);
  • 100 Clinical Supervision hours (min. 30 hours required for Qualifying category); and
  • any outstanding education & training in psychotherapy.

RPs (Qualifying) must practise with Clinical Supervision.


Note: Normally, the registration exam will be held twice a year, but may be offered three times in the first year following proclamation of the Psychotherapy Act, 2007.


Application Process

The first step in the application process for all applicants, whether through Grandparenting or the Regular Route, is to create a user account on CRPO's secure online Member Management System, and then to pay for and complete the Professional Practice & Jurisprudence (JRP) e-Learning Module. Once the Module has been successfully completed, applicants will be able to access either the Grandparenting or the Regular Route application online. Please choose your application route carefully. Your access to the application form will be delayed if you choose the wrong route and subsequently ask to switch to the other route.


The transitional Council has developed concise flowcharts outlining the Grandparenting and Regular Route Applications. Click to view the Overview of Regular Route to Registration or the Overview of Grandparenting Route to Registration.


To access the Regular Route Application, follow the steps below and read "Important Resources" beneath:


1. Create a user account (see link at bottom of this email) or login at top right corner of CRPO's home page if you have already created an account;


2. Enroll and pay the required fee ($60 + HST = $67.80) to access the JRP e-Learning Module;


3. Complete the JRP Module. Note: You must complete the JRP Module before you can access the online application;


4. Access the application through your user account; complete the Regular Route Application form and pay the application fee ($125 + HST = $141.25) before submitting it (the system will not accept your application until the fee has been paid and the funds have cleared). 


Important Resources

Note: An earlier version of the Registration Guide has been split into two separate documents:


1. Registration Guide: Information and Requirements for Registration. This guide has been updated with information about the Regular Route, as well as about Grandparenting. It provides important background information, including concepts and definitions essential to understanding the registration process.


2. Guide to Completing Your Application for Registration. This document provides detailed instructions for accessing and submitting your online application.


Please read both documents before commencing work on your application.


Also see:

Supporting Documents Checklist for Regular Route Applicants. The transitional Council has developed a short checklist describing supporting documents that Regular Route applicants must submit along with their application. The checklist is also included at the end of the Guide to Completing Your Application for Registration.


Important Reminders

  • All payments must include HST; the full amount owing will be shown on an invoice generated by our online Member Management System; do not pay any fee until it has been invoiced through the system. Instructions for fee payment are found in the Guide to Completing Your Application for Registration. 
  • Fee payments must be processed through the banking system and received by the transitional Council before you can: 1) access the JRP e-Learning Module; and 2) submit your completed application online. Note: fee processing may take up to three business days. 
  • Kindly do not call and ask staff whether payment has been received. You can see when your payment has been received by looking in the Invoices tab on your user account and viewing payments at the bottom of the page.  
  • Remember (!) your login information (username, password, and security question & answer). IMPORTANT: Username, password and security answer are case sensitive.  

Pre-registration provides an opportunity for prospective Members of the College to apply for consideration of their application for registration in advance of the date the Psychotherapy Act, 2007 is proclaimed. Applicants who have been accepted provisionally for registration will be advised of such once the proclamation date has been set. Immediately following proclamation, their Certificate of Registration will be issued. Note: The transitional Council has been advised by legal counsel that we cannot notify applicants of their provisional acceptance (or not) via pre-registration until such time as the date of proclamation has been announced.


Please note that processing your application may take two to three months or longer, due to the volume of applications CRPO is receiving. We kindly request your patience in this regard. You may be contacted by transitional Council staff if clarification or further information or documentation is required in connection with your application. You may log into your user account to check the status of your application or view any messages from the transitional Council in the Messages tab.


The transitional Council continues to wait for news from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care about a date for proclamation of the Psychotherapy Act, 2007, as well as final approval of the Registration Regulation. As soon as we receive any news, we'll be in touch with prospective members and other stakeholders.


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