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The transitional Council is still awaiting news about a proclamation date for the Psychotherapy Act, 2007. Please be assured that we will immediately notify stakeholders and other interested parties when we are informed of the date.




Tips for Completing Your 'Grandparenting' Application
July 29, 2014


ATTENTION Prospective Members:


CRPO staff would like to share some helpful tips compiled by registration staff, which will make it easier for you to complete your application for grandparenting. We hope this information will speed up the processing of applications and reduce the need for staff to contact applicants for clarification or additional information.



Please read all instructions carefully and refer to the Registration Guide while completing your application (ideally, you should read the Registration Guide BEFORE starting your application). Provide as much detail as reasonably possible while noting suggested word limits. Responses that are unduly brief (i.e. provide no useful information), are unclear or present irrelevant information, will slow down the processing of your application and will require staff to contact you for further clarification. Also, be sure to complete all pages of the application.


Practice Profile page

This page is used to enter information about your psychotherapy-related work. Even if you are self-employed, use this space to describe your practice. Do not select "I am not currently employed" if you currently have a practice.


You must provide contact information for past and present employers if this information is reasonably obtainable, i.e. if the organization/employer still exists or if a former employer, supervisor or colleague can be contacted, possibly at another workplace.


When entering job descriptions, focus your description on the psychotherapy-related aspects of your work. When entering direct client contact hours, include only hours spent working directly with clients doing work that falls within the scope of practice of psychotherapy. Do not include time spent performing administrative, management or other tasks that do not involve working directly with clients as a therapist/clinical counsellor.


Currency page

All applicants must be "current" in the practice of the profession and must demonstrate recent professional activity. On the Currency page, ensure that you document only those professional activities (measured in hours) that you have completed within the three years immediately prior to the date of submitting your application. For example, if you expect to submit your application on September 1, 2014, your currency 'window' would be September 1, 2011 to September 1, 2014.


The Currency page is intended to capture your hours of professional activities completed during the three years immediately prior to submitting your application. You must also include a comprehensive description of those activities in the box provided. In this box, also describe any "Other Professional Activities," if you included such hours with your currency hours. Explain how your "Other Professional Activities" relate to the practice of psychotherapy.


Education & Training page

Carefully review the Registration Guide, page 28, regarding the various kinds of education & training accepted for registration via the grandparenting route. For example, a coherent program related to the scope of practice of psychotherapy is one offered at a post-secondary level, has admission requirements, includes an evaluative component (students are tested) and leads to a certificate, diploma, degree, etc. DO NOT enter workshops and seminars in this section of the application. Use the "Other Education and Training" section to record such activities.


Only include classroom/didactic hours of education & training related to the scope of practice of psychotherapy. Do not include direct client contact hours, supervision hours, practicum or clinical placement hours, or independent study hours that were not built into the structure of the program. Also, do not count ALL the hours included in a program preparing students for another discipline such as social work or theology/divinity; rather, include only parts of those programs related to the scope of practice of psychotherapy (if unsure about the scope of practice, see the definition).


When entering direct client contact hours associated with education & training, do not include the same hours on your Practice Profile page, i.e. DO NOT count the same client contact hours more than once.


Use the comment box to provide a solid description of the education or training program, course or activity, including the duration, key content, learning outcomes, etc.


Safe and Effective Use of Self page

In Part 1 of this page, describe the learning activities that enabled you to develop competence in the "Safe and Effective Use of Self" (SEUS). Where you are asked to describe "core learning," report only learning activities that were related specifically to SEUS in the therapeutic context. Do not, for example, report an entire university degree program.


In Part 2 of this page, you are asked to describe in your own words what you have learned about SEUS, and how you apply this learning in your practice. Your response should demonstrate your understanding of SEUS, and how you employ this knowledge in your work with clients.


Required Documents page

Ensure that all required documents (verification letter, general declaration & consent, and statutory declaration) are completed correctly and that no information is missing.


We hope you find this information useful. Watch for future updates and tips on the application process.



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