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Member Management System Update: 
Internal Messaging & Email Alerts
July 17, 2014


ATTENTION Prospective Members:



New Communication Channel Open

CRPO's Member Management System (MMS) provides a new channel of communication with the transitional Council (TC)/College.  The MMS is the same system on which many prospective members have created user accounts.  This is now the TC/College's preferred way to communicate with account holders, including grandparenting applicants.  Shortly, this system will be used almost exclusively for communications to and from members and applicants.


Messages sent by the TC/College will often be time-sensitive, requiring you to respond or complete an action, and will generally be one of two types:


Automatic notices - sent automatically by the system when you have (or have not) completed an action (e.g. when a payment you made has been received by the TC/College or if you fail to provide liability insurance information by the required deadline), and when you are being reminded to carry out an action (e.g. registration renewal or participation in the Quality Assurance Program). Such messages would not require you to respond directly, but may require that you carry out an action.


Direct messages - initiated by a member of staff about a specific subject (e.g. an aspect of your registration application that requires clarification or a notice that you are the subject of a complaint). Direct messages may require a timely response from you.



Accessing, Sending & Managing Messages

You can access your messages via the Messages tab.  To get there, log into your account on the MMS and click the Messages tab. When you land on the Messages page, you will see a list of your messages, some filtering options, and a button that will allow you to create a new message. 


View a message by clicking on its Summary link, which is similar to the subject line of an email. You can reply to the message simply by typing in your response in the Reply text box, then clicking the Add Reply button.


Clicking the New Message button will direct you to a page that will allow you to compose a message. You will notice that you don't have the option to indicate a recipient as our internal process will ensure that your message reaches the appropriate staff member.


Messages cannot be deleted.  This is a feature that enhances accountability and improves overall reliability. For now, messages are organized by date; it is not possible to manage your messages by tagging them or organizing them into folders.


Your Message Alerts

On July 18, 2014, "message alerts" will be turned on. These alerts, which inform you that an unread message on the MMS requires your attention, are sent to the email address you provided on your Account Holder Information/Contact Information page.  Therefore, please kindly keep this email address up to date. They are retroactive, and so you will be sent a notice even for messages from long ago that remain unread. Until you open each unread message in your account, you will continue to receive alerts up to twice a week.


You may have unread messages on the system if:

  • you paid for the Jurisprudence e-Learning Module;
  • you paid the Grandparenting Application fee; or
  • you received a message or response to an inquiry from the TC/College that you have not yet read.



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