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ATTENTION Prospective Members:
April 4, 2014

The transitional Council will launch its pre-registration for 'grandparenting' applicants on April 10th.  An online application form and materials are in the final stages of development and testing, and will be accessible through our website.


Grandparenting is an alternative route to registration for current, active practitioners who wish to apply for membership as Registered Psychotherapists.  If you're wondering whether you will qualify for 'grandparenting', click here to view the registration requirements.


In order to access the application form, you will need to have set up an online user account (using the Log-In feature on the upper right side of our home page), and completed the Professional Practice and Jurisprudence e-Learning Module, one of the requirements for registration.  Once you've created an account, you will be guided through the process for submitting your payment and enrolling to complete the module.  There is no deadline for completing the Module, except that it must be completed prior to accessing the application for registration.


Prospective members can prepare to complete the online application form by reviewing the Registration Guide, which describes the requirements for applicants seeking registration via either the grandparenting or regular route.  The guide includes detailed information on how to complete the grandparenting application form, when it is ready.


NOTE: The Ministry of Health and Long-Tem Care has not yet set a date for proclamation of the Psychotherapy Act 2007, nor has it approved our Registration Regulation.  The transitional Council is planning, however, to proceed with pre-registration for grandparenting applicants in order to allow sufficient time to process a large volume of applications, expected to number in the thousands.  The online application form for the regular route (i.e. not grandparenting) will be available later this spring, once pre-registration for grandparenting has begun.


For more information, please visit our website: and see "Info for applicants".