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Current and Former Educators & Curriculum Specialists


The transitional Council, CRPO, is looking for experienced psychotherapy practitioner-educators to train as reviewers of psychotherapy education & training programs, with a view to developing a roster of recognized programs. If you have a background in psychotherapy practice and education, and would like to contribute to this work, we encourage you to submit an application.


The transitional Council, and later the new College, will be responsible for reviewing and recognizing psychotherapy education & training programs to determine whether they adequately support student learning of entry-to-practice competencies in psychotherapy.


Each program will be reviewed by three independent reviewers who are experienced psychotherapy practitioners and understand curriculum development, student learning and competency development. Reviewers will receive training for the role, and will be compensated $400-500 for each review, each of which is expected to involve 8-10 hours of work.


To apply, kindly complete and submit the form linked in the left sidebar, along with your résumé. The application form asks for information about your education and experience as a psychotherapy practitioner and educator.


Applicants will be asked whether they have completed the Professional Practice & Jurisprudence e-Learning Module (now available through our website), and if they are planning to become a member of the College. In addition, reviewers should be open to diversity in psychotherapy education, and should possess basic computer proficiency, e.g. completing online forms, working with several documents open at the same time, etc.


Individuals selected for this important role will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement, and to adhere to conflict-of-interest protocols. Please note that educators associated with programs expected to seek "Review and Recognition" are not excluded from consideration as reviewers. Such individuals would not be permitted to review their own program or any other program with which they are or have been recently associated. Transitional Council members will not be eligible to become reviewers.


The Review and Recognition process is expected to be managed and administered by an independent arms-length third-party. Training for the first group of reviewers is expected to take place later this fall.


If you have any questions, please contact Mark Pioro: [email protected]  or  (416) 862-4778.




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