Jurisprudence e-Learning Module now available online


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The transitional Council is pleased to inform you that the Professional Practice & Jurisprudence e-Learning Module can now be completed online. The module is intended for prospective members of the new College - successful completion of the module is one of the requirements for registration.


The jurisprudence (JRP) module is a learning program designed for adult learners. It presents information about Ontario law, which regulated health professionals need to know in order to practise safely and ethically. The module is divided into 16 'lessons' which can be completed in random order and at different times. Total time to complete the program is approximately four hours. Each lesson covers a different topic, with question sets appearing at intervals throughout. Information is presented visually on screen.


Before starting the module, prospective members are advised to read the online document Professional Practice and Jurisprudence for Registered Psychotherapists - it provides all the background information required. For those who read the document first, the module will serve mainly as a review of the material.


The link below will take you to our new website. Click on: Jurisprudence e-Learning Module now available. You will be asked to create a User Account by entering a username & password and providing other identifying information (name, address, etc.). Next steps: 

1) select the e-Learning tab

2) enroll to do the JRP module

3) pay the  $60 + HST fee


Fees are paid online by selecting the name of your banking institution and using your Account Number. Each step is explained as you go through the process. It is important to note that fee transfers normally take up to three business days. Once fees are received by the College, you will be able to access the JRP e-Learning module from your User Account.



P.S. Our Annual report for the 2012 - 2013 year is also available