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January 24  -  March 25, 2013


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Attention All Stakeholders:

We are seeking your feedback on our 

revised draft Registration Regulation


January 24 - March 25, 2013



As you may know, the ministry indicated in November 2012 that it could not support our draft Registration Regulation as submitted to MOHLTC a year ago. (See ministry letter here.)  In particular, it could not support the Registered Mental Health Therapist category as proposed by the transitional Council. The ministry directed the transitional Council to focus on regulating those who practice the profession of psychotherapy.


At its January 16th meeting, Council approved a significantly revised Registration Regulation, for circulation to stakeholders for feedback. The most significant change is that the RMHT category of membership has been removed from the regulation. Council's intention is that consideration of the RMHT title will be deferred until after proclamation of the Psychotherapy Act, 2007.


We are asking for your comments on two particular items:

  1. Elimination of the RMHT category of membership from the draft Registration Regulation and deferral of any consideration of the RMHT title until after proclamation;
  2. The addition of a master's degree as an education and training program option for Registered Psychotherapists (RPs).

Other changes of note are:

  • Expanded definition of "good standing" [see provision 2(1)3 - Explanation].
  • More detail added on incapacity [see 2(1)6].
  • 'Currency hours' has replaced previous references to 'practising the profession,' [see especially 2(1)7, 3(1)5, 5(2)1, 9(4)].
  • All references to Canadian citizenship, residency or work status have been eliminated as they contravene NAFTA [see former 2(1)5, 3(1)2, 3(1)3].
  • Removal of former 3(1)10, as member contact information requirements are set out in College by-laws and do not need to be repeated here.
  • Reference to the Entry-to-Practice Competency Profile for RPs has been removed [in 5(1)1]; although no longer directly referenced in the Regulation, the competencies will be used to review and recognize programs.
  • All references to 'in Ontario' experience for grandparented applicants have been changed to 'in Canada' to facilitate labour mobility [see 5(2)1].
  • Clarification that submissions and declarations for grandparented applicants will use an application form provided by the College [see 5(2)3 and 5(2)4].


Share Your Comments

We are inviting feedback on all aspects of the Regulation from all interested stakeholders: practitioners, professional associations, students, clients, members of the public and members of other professions. We look forward to receiving your written comments by the March 25, 2013 deadline.


Consultation materials are linked in the sidebar, top-left.


Using the feedback form, you may submit your comments via: 



[email protected]



416 874-4079



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