September 2012

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November 21, 2012

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Dear Stakeholder, 

One of the tasks of the transitional Council is to develop a 'Framework' (criteria and process) for reviewing and recognizing education and training programs, which prepare students with the entry-to-practice competencies identified in our draft Registration Regulation.


Although much work remains to be done, we have posted information and a preliminary draft of the Framework to provide a sense of items to be considered by education and training programs, should they be thinking of seeking recognition.


Please note:


1.  A list of Recognized Programs will help streamline the registration process, as College applicants who have completed a recognized program will be understood to have met the education and training requirements set out in the Registration Regulation. Applicants who have completed a program that has not been reviewed and recognized will also be considered for registration. However, a more detailed review of their education and training program may be required.


2.  With regard to the draft Registration Regulation, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has advised us that it is conducting its own internal consultations with colleagues in other ministries, particularly with respect to the Registered Mental Health Therapist (RMHT) title. We are expecting to hear back from the ministry in October regarding its deliberations.


We suggest that programs whose graduates may be seeking registration as RMHTs wait until there is clear direction from the Ministry on this matter before proceeding with program / curriculum changes.


If you have comments, please contact us at: