How to Improve the Efficiency, Capacity and Reliability of the Grid with ACCC Conductor  
CTC Global Participates at Transmission Summit West

Over the last few days, members of CTC Global's Public Affairs and Business Development teams participated in several discussions focused on improving the efficiency, capacity and reliability of the electric power grid in the United States. Participants included several major utilities and project developers, as well as representatives from the U.S. DOE, CALISO, CPUC, WECC, PJM and other organizations.

David Townley and Matt Hutchison from CTC Global participated in a number of panel sessions while Bill White served as both a panelist and moderator. Key topics included renewable energy integration, leveraging new technologies, regional planning, grid modernization and economics. For more information CLICK HERE
ACCC Conductor Installation Begins in Croatia

With the help of Elektro Merkur and EPC firm and hardware supplier Dalekovod, HOPS began upgrading the first in a series of ACCC reconductor projects using 195 mm^2 ACCC Rovinj conductor manufactured by Lamifil. HOPS first ACCC project is a 13 km 110 kV upgrade between Sinji and Dugopolje.

The region includes mountain ranges that create a submediterranean climate with hotter summers and colder winters. The region is also susceptible to a very unusual wind condition known as Bura. Bura winds only occur in a few areas of Croatia and Slovenia. The ACCC conductor's outstanding resistance to salt air and vibration makes it ideally suited for this application.  For more information please visit
ACCC Conductor Installations Continue Globally 

In addition to the series of ACCC projects recently started in Croatia, other greenfield projects and reconductor projects continue in Indonesia, Malaysia, India and Scotland, and other locations. These projects will be discussed in upcoming newsletters and in various magazine articles and technical papers. Links to a number of informative articles can be found just a few columns below or at CTC Global's blog.
Additionally, there are a number of other ACCC projects slated to begin construction in the US, Mexico, South America and other locations before the end of this year.

If you'd like to keep a closer eye on these activities, please consider following us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and/or YouTube as described at the bottom of this newsletter. As always, CTC Global appreciates your support, questions and feedback. Please feel free to contact us if you need any help or have any questions. Please email us at [email protected] or call us at +1(949)428-8500 
 For more information please visit

CTC Global Welcomes T&D India Magazine to the Power Industry Sector

T&D India is a new magazine created by a very experienced team of industry experts. CTC Global wishes them all the best for great success and looks forward to reading upcoming articles. Please check out T&D India website link. While you are there, please check out their first on line edition. You may also enjoy reading the CTC Global interview on pages 20-22.
PLS-CADD announces new UltraLite software program
PLS-CADD/Ultralite is a streamlined version of PLS-CADD for quick modeling of a single span of conductor or wire. It develops  Sag-Tension reports as well as Stringing Charts for a user definable range of span lengths and stringing temperatures.
Ultralite was developed to provide the simplest possible application for modeling a span of wire in either a level or inclined state. Inputs are collected in a single dialog box and text plus graphical results update live as inputs are changed. The tightness of the wire can be input as Horizontal Tension, Catenary, Sag, or Slack. There is also an "AutoSag" option that pulls the wire up to the highest tension meeting user defined constraints (i.e. NESC, GO95, user defined, etc.)

More advanced sag-tension methods and modeling functions better suited to modeling an entire line are available in PLS-CADD software. Fore more information CLICK HERE

Both programs allow the analysis of conventional conductors as well as CTC Global's high performance ACCC Conductor to help you select the best solution for your project.

If you are interested in comparing ampacity, line losses and other performance metrics, please also get a copy of CTC Global's free CCP software as described in one of the columns below.

Links to Recent Articles
  • T&D World: Energized Rebuild (AEP shares their story)
  • Electric Energy T&D: Shedding Light on the Importance of Transmission Line Efficiency, Capacity and Reliability
  • EEI: AEP Wins Edison Award (240 circuit miles of ACSR replaced by ACCC while the 345 kV line remained energized)
  • Energize: High Performance Conductors Improve Grid Capacity, Reliability
  • Smart Grid News: CTC Global Selected as a Winner in the Annual Smart Grid Companies to Watch for 2016 Competition


CTC Global Congratulates AEP






Click on the image below to watch AEP's Installation video



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Free Engineering Manual
To help Transmission and Distribution planners, engineers, policy makers, grid operators, technicians and others take full advantage of the ACCC conductor's attributes, CTC Global has published a 250 page Engineering Manual.
It offers a very comprehensive set of design guidelines, case studies, figures and facts about conductors and composite materials, and includes links to additional resources and FAQ's,
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Free Engineering Software

CTC Global created CCP software to help system planners and engineers compare the ampacity, line losses, thermal and ice load sag, and economic aspects of nearly any conductor type and size, so the numerous advantages of the ACCC conductor can be fully realized.
The user simply selects the conductor types and sizes from drop down menus and enters the appropriate values & assumptions highlighted in the yellow boxes. The program is fully functional and uses standard industry formulas (such as IEEE 738-2006). Outputs are readily comparable to Sag10, PLS CADD™ and other similar programs.
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