August 2016

Revving up the CMA Season in Europe

The white crosses shine from afar. It's a statement in itself ... the United Kingdom's uniqueness in the worldwide organization known as the Christian Motorcyclists Association (CMA)...

Help with Earthquake Relief Work in Nepal

About a year and a half ago two earthquakes rocked Nepal to its core, significantly damaging not only the physical structures but the societal ones as well. One Challenge worker Gill has been twice this year bringing teams to help...

Highlights from the GProCongress in Thailand _video_
Healthy churches are vital to the Great Commission. That's why One Challenge is invested in creating and sustaining healthy churches and her leaders. One avenue OC does this is in partnership with other organizations...

FAQs about Pastoring of Pastors _PoP_

In One Challenge acronyms are used to describe many ministries and Christian terms. Some acronyms are common, others foreign, and many unique to OC. One such acronym is PoP, standing for Pastoring of Pastors...

One Challenge Training: CORE 2016

Empowerment and Efficiency for the Future

Empowerment and Efficiency for the Future
CRM software is NOT just for businesses these days! In an age where technology is moving at light speed, it's time for for One Challenge...

Plead with God for 1_ Christians_
Over a year ago, One Challenge personnel met with large groups of church leaders in Thailand to share about OC's church planting ...

Prayer Focus for July_August _ OC Summer Programs
Every year around May things start to buzz around the Personnel wing of the US-MC building. It's the prelude to five weeks of summer training...

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