June 2016

Transforming the Nations Who Live Next Door

As the world seems to become more dangerous and the diversity in the United States grows, Jesus' commandment takes on new meaning. The nations are coming to us. Near Frontiers, a subsidiary of One Challenge, believes...

Welcome Home One Challenge _Video_

Depending on your family, the words "family reunion" may bring joy, anticipation, excitement, anxiety, or maybe, for some, even dread. At the first family reunion of One Challenge alumni, held in late May, the word that comes to mind is nostalgia...

Teaching in Ethiopia _ a Story in Pictures
Even though he left Africa many years ago, Bob continues to travel there periodically as part of his ministry with Near Frontiers (an OC ministry, formerly called OC USA). From a recent trip to teach and train future leaders in Africa...

Why do Mission Agencies Charge Overhead Fees_

One of the most frustrating things about raising financial support is often the amount of money that missions agencies place on top of the amount you need to raise for life and ministry in your target country. Have you considered the cost of missions...

Highlights from OC Alumni Reunion Retreat 2016

5 to Thrive
(Summer Training Programs)

5 to Thrive _Summer Training Programs_
Every year around May things start to buzz around the Personnel wing of the United States Mobilization Center's (US-MC) building. It's the prelude to five weeks of summer training...

Going Global _ Lifeworkx Ministry in Uganda _Video_
Lifeworkx, a ministry of One Challenge, is a life-changing experience that is expanding globally. Recently, Steve and his team, Nate and Mark, returned from an incredible Lifeworkx event in Uganda...

Prayer Focus _ OC Ministries in North America
Our June prayer focus is on our OC's ministries in North America (U.S. and Canada) - stories of ministry in action. Our website has stories and videos on topics from member care and missions mobilization...

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