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March 2016

Overcoming Poison_ Injury_ and Age to Share the Gospel

Overcoming Poison, Injury, and Age to Share the Gospel

Sometimes in mission work the Lord sets forth a plan, and One Challenge is humbly blessed to be a part of it. He works in people's lives, in ways beyond our ability. An example of this is Alan*, a mission worker in a Southeast Asian nation...

Mission-Net _ Hope for Tomorrow in European Youth

Mission-Net ... Hope for Tomorrow in European Youth

Europe may be the birthplace of modern Christianity, but today it represents one of the least evangelized continents in the world. According to Operation World, the majority of countries come in at less than 1 percent evangelical, with only 2.5 percent...

Who Cares for the Pastors_

Who Cares for the Pastors?

Although often overlooked, the spiritual, emotional, and mental health of pastors is a crucial aspect of church health, something One Challenge has tended to since its formation. As leaders, the pastors and their families carry enormous responsibilities to nurture and protect those under their care...

Transforming Communities Inside and Out in South Africa

Transforming Communities Inside and Out in South Africa

On the surface, the ministry in Finetown, South Africa provides a good education for preschool children, training the women who teach them and providing books, school supplies, and tables and chairs for the children. If that's all the ministry was...

Walking to Work at Philippine Challenge

Year of the Volunteer
at One Challenge

The Year of the Volunteer at One Challenge
We are calling 2016 The Year of the Volunteer, because we can envision accomplishing much more in partnership with volunteers. We are actively looking for people, of all ages...

Training Leaders 
through Radio

Training Leaders through Radio
In some cases, training church leaders has to be creative. Access is limited, but potential is great. This is why, for 30 years now, One Challenge has partnered with FEBC...

Prayer Focus...
What's the One Challenge?

Prayer Focus for March 2016 _ What is the One Challenge_
Our name, One Challenge, expresses our passionate devotion to the mission of God. Jesus' commission is our challenge. Inspired by Scripture...

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