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February 2016

Introducing M_laga _ Step Outside the Lines

Introducing Málaga - Step Outside the Lines

In summer 2016, One Challenge will introduce Málaga - Step Outside the Lines, a four-week, intensive missions experience geared toward young adults, post-high school. "It's a short-term missions experience seeking to give young people the opportunity to live and serve...

Sepal Opens New Fields in Chile and France

Sepal Opens New Fields in Chile and France

The OC Global Alliance, of which One Challenge is a member, is a multi-cultural organization with 11 mobilization centers around the world. What does this mean? It means that 10 countries other than the United States are gathering workers to reach their nations and beyond...

Serving Refugees in Serbia _Part 2_ Video_

Serving Refugees in Serbia (Part 2, Video)

Have you faced a situation where the only thing you knew was that it would be difficult? That was the experience of an OC worker before her team's trip to Serbia to serve refugees. Virginia says: "I asked God to fill me with His love, because I did not want this to be just a humanitarian assistance project...

A Look Back on 2015_ SE Asia Mobilization Centers

A Look Back on 2015: SE Asia Mobilization Centers

In Asia, the OCGA mobilizations centers (MC) are located in Taiwan, India, Singapore, the Philippines and a non-disclosed country - the Lord of the Harvest has opened a number of doors for fruitful collaboration between these centers this past year...

Serving Refugees in Serbia

Bringing Darkness
into the Light (Video)

Message from the OC President_ Bringing Darkness into the Light _Video_
"We live in momentous times. We watch the news, and we see a world that is threatened by danger and people that are gripped by fear...

Youth Leaders ... with a
Backpack as an Office

Youth Leaders _ with a Backpack as an Office
With roughly 52 percent of the world's population being under the age of 30, training youth and their leaders is essential to the Great Commission...

Dreams ... Plans ... Prayers for 2016 (Video)

Prayer Focus for January _ New Year _Video_
Our One Challenge President Dean Carlson shares a special New Year's greeting in this article and related video message...

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