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January 2016

The Believer_s Ranger

The Believer's Ranger

An article in the Gazette, the local Colorado Springs newspaper, caught my attention. The article entitled, "O'er the fields we go", opened with the following words - "At 27 of Colorado's 42 state parks on January 1, you'll find rangers ready to lead you on a First Day Hike, sun or snow...

After 60_ years_ the Work is Not Yet Done in Taiwan

After 60+ years, the Work is Not Yet Done in Taiwan

Over 60 years ago, One Challenge began in Taiwan, then known as Formosa. Madame Chaing Kai-shek, the First Lady of the Republic of China, invited OC founder Dick Hillis to witness to the soldiers. One Challenge has been doing the work...

Serving Refugees in Serbia _Part 1_

Serving Refugees in Serbia (Part 1)

Sid, Serbia... Friday, 20 Nov 2015. 
"Your eyes have never seen anything like it," said Mohim, an aging man who fled his home country of Syria with his wife and children. "You don't know what it's like...

Providing Debriefing and Renewal in Heart Language _ Spanish

Providing Debriefing and Renewal in Heart Language - Spanish

Care for workers is an extremely high priority for One Challenge. The need for debriefing and renewal for workers who serve in more challenging locales is paramount. A primary function of One Challenge's team in Southern Spain is to provide care for Latino workers...

2016 New Year's Greeting from OC President Dean Carlson

Embarking on 2016
with Confidence

Embarking on 2016 with Confidence
"God's faithfulness during the past 50 years assures us of His faithfulness in the future. We know that He can do all things, and nothing can thwart...

Training for National Church Planting

Murray, an OC Global Alliance worker coming from Outreach Canada, loves to train and coach national teams for church planting processes...

Dreams ... Plans ... Prayers for 2016 (Video)

Prayer Focus for January _ New Year _Video_
Our One Challenge President Dean Carlson shares a special New Year's greeting in this article and related video message...

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