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Inspire your team and reinforce you vision statement & purpose!


The number one cause for company's being inefficient is not what you think. It flies low on the radar and everyone keeps plugging away thinking things are good. The results are slow and disastrous. What am I talking about? It's the lack of a clear vision for the organization.


When I'm asked to come into organizations to make them more efficient so that productivity can improve, 9 times out of 10 a fuzzy vision is the core reason why things have gone astray.


I always recommend our corporate visioning program to clearly define your vision, which is guaranteed to eliminate confusion and fuzziness about the existing vision. It's a 2-step program:

  • Visual Vision Statement - via a workshop, I'll guide your team to create a meaningful vision that we can transform to a professionally designed work of art (see image below for our own vision)
  • Corporate Theme Song and Video - with your team, we transform your vision statement into a melody and record it in a music studio. We create a music video that establishes your vision statement in the consciousness of your team (see ours on YouTube)

If you're interested in creating a powerful visual vision statement or a corporate vision statement these song and music video that will get your organization singing the same song along the path to success, contact me via email or 905-331-0444.


Live your vision every day...Adriana

Productivity Wisdom
If you cannot envision the future, how can you lead the organization into it? ~ K. B. Jensen
Adriana in the News
I'm honoured to have my new Visual Vision Doodle book featured in HR Gazette. Check it out! Thank you, Bill!

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Feature Article: 5 Key Beliefs To Help You Reach Your Professional And Personal Goals
Beliefs are what make us tick. They dictate how we react or behave to any given situation. They act as a guiding light when situations are clear and also when they are murky, like a foggy morning. We may know that they guide us or we may not, but how we act and behave is definitely guided by our personal beliefs. I want to share with you my guiding beliefs that help me make decisions and most importantly, help me look at difficult situations in a different light. .... Continue reading.
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