The Healer's Life!  Newsletter  July 2016 "I Don't Wanna!"
Dr. Elisabeth Crim
I don't wanna!!!
July 11, 2016

Greetings Fellow Healer,

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The Healer's Life! Newsletter + Video JULY 2016
The Healer's Life! Newsletter + Video JULY 2016 "I Don't Wanna!"

"I don't wanna!"

Sometimes as I am moving through my life, wearing my many hats, entering my different roles in various relationships, I feel a surge of a powerful child-soul cry and foot stomp of "I don't wanna!" This can at times be accompanied by a 3-6 year old "Waah!!!" My summer kicked off with one child's graduation from college, another's return home from Freshman year, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Anniversary, a birthday, and another and another and another family birthday. From May to June, biologically, my hormones seemed to take a dive and needed fine tuning.  My exercise routine took a back seat to my writing routine which eventually took a back seat to the many family celebrations!  I wear several hats in each of these celebrations and love each of the ones I am celebrating (sometimes myself!).  Yet, these occur while also seeing patients, running consultation groups, speaking, and writing! 

At some point this summer, I hit tilt and was no longer in balance.  Just like a fussy child who is maxed out, vacillating between lethargy and a meltdown, I have been a wonder to be around!  I discovered that I needed what children in this state typically need, a compassionate break and to re-balance. My resistance had purpose. Resistance typically has purpose - in both our personal and professional lives and relationships.  The wise and sounding resistance of "I don't wanna!" can result from many forms of imbalance and can be based in many varying needs!  A nap, nutrition, healthy food, to be held, to play, go outside, to spend time with friends, to spend time alone, even medical intervention.  My personal "I don't wanna!" yielded several areas of imbalance.  I definitely needed some rest, play, and even a medical Rx.  I needed a break from being in charge and from the wonderful flurry of meaningful and valued activity in my life.  

Sometimes as Healers we simply "don't wanna" do some of the things we appreciate as necessary for living and the things we have created and willingly attracted into our lives!  Sometimes the very things that fulfill us in our call as Healers can become overwhelming and burdensome.  We are human.  We do get out of balance.  We do step out of the flow. We resist for a reason.

Pause, Attune, Listen!
So, I invite you to have compassion with you.  When you hear your younger soul crying up through you, "I don't wanna!", pause, attune, and listen; assess what your child soul needs and does "wanna!"  Be kind, curious, compassionate and gentle.  Ask safe others in your life to give this to you as well.  As we  attune to those for whom we offer care personally and professionally, we must also learn to attune to ourselves!

Refuel and Re-Balance!
At this writing, I do not feel fully in balance yet, but I have lessened my cry of "I don't wanna!" and I am actively integrating rest, play, good nutrition, active yoga, time with family, and a few trips away from home, work and routine. I am finding desire return for those things I was resisting.

If you are feeling some "I don't wanna's!" - Consider planning a week away or a weekend overnight or a day trip out of town with friends, family, or a lover.  Time away from routine can cleanse your spirit and allow in new vibrant energy.  A picnic with someone you enjoy at a local park on a weekend (or better yet a weekday!) can do wonders. Sitting quietly alone in your back yard looking at simple nature can revitalize.

Listen and respect your, "I don't wanna!"  Take time to hear what you do "wanna!"  Make a point to pause, rest, restore, and play...  As you re-balance and refuel, you will discover your centered adult return to the flow of energy that exists when we are in balance and well cared for.  

So take a compassionate moment; attend and attune to yourself with others. Find an easy return to the flow of your fulfilling life journey.  Because, Oh Healer, you both require and deserve good care. Om.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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See you in August,

Peace and Ease,

and The Moonstone Center Team
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