The Healer's Life!  Newsletter + Video MAR 2016  SPRING! Resurrect and Renew!
Dr. Elisabeth Crim
Spring!  Resurrect and Renew...

March 2016

Spring!  A time of Resurrection and Renewal...

Happy Spring, Happy Easter to you my Fellow Healer,

I am a spiritual person, my path from childhood was Christian.  My path into adulthood continues with Christianity and expands and integrates other traditions as a river expands with the many streams and tributaries that join and become its larger flow.  Spring is a time of snow melt and mountain streams pouring into rushing vibrant rivers.  Spring is also a time of resurrection.  Parts of us are buried, seeming to die, before being reborn, resurrecting as new life.  A tiny acorn becomes a mighty oak.  An odd dirty bulb becomes a vibrant tulip or a glorious lily. 
Within our own lives, there are experiences, memories, relationships that seem to have fallen into decay, death, and been buried deep within our past, sometimes thankfully; in some ways effortlessly, and at times with great intention.  Often, many miles have been walked beyond and many layers of life have covered these memories.  Yet some of these past experiences can resurrect with potential for new meaning with a renewed experience.  Some of these returns are initially unrecognizable as similar to an earlier experience.  Others are transformed, yet still familiar.  Several are filled with hope and joy, even as we are wary of the echos of our past.  And a few can evoke fear as we doubt a different outcome can be had if repeated.
This is life.  Life is ever changing.  Life is full of past experiences that heal and grow or lie dormant and then resurrect with renewal or its potential.  This occurs repeatedly in our relationships, intimate, social, professional.  Many of you have heard me speak and write on transference and countertransference as the essential neuro-psycho-biological attachment process in the course of psychotherapy and found in all relationships.  There is ever a chance for repeated patterns of early or meaningful relational attachments to emerge yet again in our relationships.  Be open; be curious; expect doubt and resurrection.  Anticipate fear and renewal. Allow psychotherapy or consultation to be a sacred space in which to tend to this spiritual growth and healing that emerges in our intimate personal and professional lives and relationships.  As you experience your own resurrections, invite healing and renewal. Embrace hope and joy with your fear and doubt.
We are not that different than the plants we tend...We are ever dying and resurrecting.  Life is amazing that way.
Be open...Be curious... Invite awareness, compassion, and renewal.
Happy Easter!
Blessed Spring!
Peace, OM, 
Elisabeth and the Moonstone Center Team

Consider a Spring Metaphor 
OM and Hallelujah! 
Hope and Joy!
Time-Lapse: Watch Flowers Bloom Before Your Eyes

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