The Healer's Life!  Newsletter  NOV 2015 Finding Balance, Being Grateful
Dr. Elisabeth Crim
Finding Balance, Being Grateful
November 3, 2015

Greetings Fellow Healer,

Please enjoy my video message this month:
The Healer's Life!  NOV 2015   Finding Balance, Feeling Grateful
The Healer's Life! NOV 2015 Finding Balance, Feeling Grateful

In recent months, I have entered a new level of active growth, full of new challenges and opportunities.  These new experiences both surprise me and make complete sense.  They result from many past phases of active growth and the quiet germination of seeds I (and others) have planted.  I have tilled the ground, planted seeds, watered, weeded, and repeated, sometimes on my own and sometimes with the amazing help of others by my side.  I have also had a powerful Source of Life pouring sunshine, rain, oxygen, CO2 and the right people into my life and efforts.  I can humbly see how the Source has blessed, invited, and joined my efforts facilitating new life and growth at greater levels than I could have negotiated on my own.  

I find myself both busy and fulfilled with activities that have meaning for me.  Activities that require a lot of me and, though exhausting at times, I enjoy.  Directly related to this experienced joy is my steadily improving practice of mindfully listening to my very personal needs for rest, nutrition, exercise, play, financial support, spiritual nourishment, intimacy with my partner, and meaningful connection with family and friends.  I am steadily entering a more balanced approach to living.  As I spend time pouring out, I am improving in spending equal time pouring back in.  Genuine restoration. 

I am also observing the cool miracle that results from hard work offered within the context of God's blessing and flow. Many of you know I am Christian by faith, though I honor how each of you may or may not identify with a higher power, source, or creative energy.  I find regardless of personal faith or lack thereof, the power of flow as energy is increasing as a process to be considered by people in all walks of life.

November is a powerful month as it holds our very special American Holiday of Thanksgiving.  This month, I invite you, regardless of the country in which you reside, to practice giving thanks throughout your day, each day of this month.  Practice listening mindfully to your inner wisdom.  Open your mind and spirit to your Source energy and its Flow.  Look around at those other souls on the journey with you at this time.  Let's find Balance and be Thankful...

Peace and Gratitude,

and The Moonstone Center Team
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