ANNOUNCEMENT!  ICD-10 Diagnostic Codes  Required as of 10.1.15
Dr. Elisabeth Crim
Fellow Healer, 
Part of Self-Care is staying on top of current trends, laws, and regulations affecting your practice and revenue stream.  I am not an expert on ICD-10. The information below is far from conconclusive.  I am simply sharing with you what I am learning for my own clinical practice, and hoping to cue you to the current changes in the business of our field.  I hope the info below is helpful.  Take good care of you!  


ICD-10 Diagnostic Codes Replace DSM-V Codes
as of October 1, 2015

Does this affect me?
If you  are in health/mental health care and diagnose patients, keep clinical records, and/or bill insurance or provide "superbills" to your patients, this affects you.

What does this mean?
Many things.  But bottom line financially, to get reimbursed through insurance, you must code with ICD-10.

I transitioned to DSM-V Codes last year.  
Aren't those the same codes as ICD-10?
DSM-V and ICD-10 use different codes for the same or similarly named diagnoses.  

I bought the DSM-V.  Does it have the ICD-10 Codes?
YES.  If you have the DSM-V, you will have the coordinating ICD-10 Codes included.  
APA's (American Psychiatric Association)

I did not buy the DSM-V.  
The ICD-10 is 3 volumes and covers all health issues and dx.  Which ones do I  need for Mental Health Dx?  
For most mental health diagnoses, you will need ICD-10 Chapter 5 diagnostic codes beginning with "F".  Although other chapters may apply depending on your specialty area of health care and patient population.  Before you buy the ICD-10, check out ICD-10 Online and check out the webinar on ICD-10 through CPA or other training/informative resources on the ICD-10.

Are there Conversion Software Programs available 
for my billing and electronic files?  
There are many conversion programs available.  I have not used any and cannot endorse any.  But they are available.  Most insurance billing companies and billing departments already have programs in place.
Why did they transition to DSM-V just months before transitioning again to the ICD-10?
Lots of folks are asking that...I do not have an answer.  But right now, according to CPA Webinar below, you still need to change your codes if you want insurance reimbursement for you or your patients.

Why change at all?
ICD-10 is the diagnostic manual/coding system used globally by most other nations since the 1990s and dating back to the late 1800s.  It will be expensive for U.S. HealthCare to convert, but the goal seems to be to have the same diagnostic language globally.  Interesting Editorial,  There's a Code for That in The Lancet Volume 386, No. 10002, p1420, 10 October 2015.  Some view the changes as onerous in both time and money and others see the system offering those in mental health more flexibility in diagnosing... 

If I read the above Q/A do I have all the info I need?
I cannot answer that.  My goal here is to cue you to the issue.  You O Healer are responsible for researching for your own needs from here. Hopefully you have enough info to know you need to pay attention to this major issue. Check out the  links below and google other resources to get more informed training on ICD-10 diagnostic conversion and how it best works for you.  Talk to your colleagues and professional organizations. Stay connected professionally on this one.


(A helpful tool to use in finding codes) 

APA's (American Psychiatric Association)

APA (American Psychological Association)

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