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September 23, 2015

Greetings Fellow Healer!

Please enjoy this video message from me to you...

The Healer's Life - SEP 2015 Transitions - Dr. Elisabeth Crim
The Healer's Life - SEP 2015 Transitions - Dr. Elisabeth Crim

Good bye Summer!  Hello Fall!  The transitions we experience each season are tremendous.  Many of my patients and Moonstone Center team members have stated this month that they notice the difference in people and the shift in energy in the world around them as Summer ends and Fall begins.  Transitions exact energy and affect us in body, mind, spirit and our relationships. 


This summer held many transitions for me...and our family: Hosting family and celebrating our youngest child's high school graduation.  We also visited family and experienced how each of our lives have changed since our last time together. We attended college orientation for our daughter; and later launched her into her adult journey of college and beyond.  We experienced our son, now 21 years old, not coming home for summer for the first time. And to cap it off, we moved from one house to another.  Lots of change!  I am still living amidst boxes, seeking the familiar while creating new order - physically, emotionally, environmentally, and relationally.  And new things are happening for me as Moonstone Center and I continue to develop and evolve.  This summer of transition has been exciting, deeply meaningful, and exhausting.  Full of joy, celebration, and loss.  

Change changes us.  Pausing over the transitions reminds us that we are not who we used to be.  It invites us to become present to who we have become.  It presents an opportunity for new hope and vision. It incorporates the interface with new people and often a return to others in new less familiar ways. 


Practice presence.  Listen to what your needs are in this moment.  Honor the often conflicting emotions and moods you may experience.  Create room to feel those expansive feelings.  Rest, eat well, meditate, move actively and mindfully, and connect with others meaningfully.  Remember what you did in your routine before that you would like to bring forward to this moment in time. Give yourself permission to leave behind what is no longer relevant or enjoyed.

I confess that with the many travels, visitors, celebrations and our move this summer, that my personal yoga practice suffered. My time in daily meditation that I value so deeply became erratic.  I find myself deeply fatigued, somewhat disoriented, and experiencing many emotions. It is time for me to pause, reintroduce mindfulness, yoga, and intentional self-care.  It is equally important to identify the new spaces, new directions and activities I am entering and have the opportunity to experience and value!

Join me...Take a moment; assess where you have traveled.  See where you find yourself now. What do you want to keep, to reintroduce?  What do you want to let go?  What do you want to embrace with fresh new energy?

Welcome to your new destination and the new you with a fresh horizon...here, today, now!

Peace, Blessings, OM,

Elisabeth and the Moonstone Center Team




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Portrait of Lotte 0-14 Years Old

  • Dr. Wayne Dyer passed away from Lymphocytic Leukemia on August 30, 2015.  He was 75 years old.  A Psychotherapist, Teacher, Author and powerful Motivational Speaker, Dr. Dyer was a rich resource for encouragement and attending to your mind-body-spirit.  His children and family posted on Facebook: "Wayne has left his body, passing away through the night. He always said he couldn't wait for this next adventure..."  Click here to see the Recorded (September 18, 2015) Live Stream Tribute to Wayne Dyer. Hi death is a great loss for those he touched.
  • Dr. Elisabeth Crim and Moonstone Center were honored with the Torrance Award for Best Psychologist for 2015 and Torrance Best Business Award for Counseling and Mental Health 2015.  Thank you Moonstone Center Team!  Thank you Moonstone Center Community (That's You!)! 
  • Dr. Elisabeth Crim joins CPA Executive CARE (Colleague Awareness Resources and Education) Program Committee 2015-2016 (Learn more about CPA CARE as a resource for self-care for California Psychologists).
  • Dr. Elisabeth Crim named Self Care Committee Chair for IFPE (International Forum for Psychoanalytic Education) Annual Conference:  November 5-7, 2015.  Inviting attention and attunement to mind-body-spirit care of self for psychodynamic therapists and psychoanalysts attending the deeply affecting annual IFPE Conference in Philadelphia, PA. 

  • LACPA (Los Angeles County Psychological Association) Annual Convention: October 24, 2015 Culver City, CA. Check it out!
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