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June 16, 2015

Greetings Fellow Healer!

Happy Father's Day!

Please enjoy this video message from me to you...

The Healer's Life!  Father Nurture    June 2015
The Healer's Life!   Father Nurture   June 2015

Happy Father's Day, all you Dad's, StepDads, Foster Dads, Grandpas, Uncles, Father figures out there!


I just spent a weekend with my Father-in-Law who is 91 years old.  He flew out from Florida for my stepdaughter's graduation from high school.  I love this man with a great depth.  He has loved me under his wing as his own daughter in the 11 years I have known him.  He is strong, steady, financially stable and generous...so generous.  He takes his role as Patriarch of our family quite seriously.  Offering monies each time we travel to visit, dine with them, and our children's education should we need it.  He intentionally carries a great burden of responsibility for all of the family.  He does not fully see all he has accomplished, but humbly focuses instead on continued areas of personal growth.  He is of that generation that entered WWII with pride as a volunteer.  He suffered experiences on the battlefield that he and many of his peers will not discuss.  When we watch the movie, Saving Private Ryan, we think we might begin to understand.  


What I find so tender about this man is that on a deeply private level he allows me to feel the love of a father many years after the loss of my own.  I find the space that longs for my own Daddy to be filled momentarily by my father-in-law's strong and loving presence. My own father would actually have been a bit older than my father-in-law.  My Dad was active, riding his bike about town, lifting weights that he had put together himself in the basement of my childhood home - all at the age of 83!  It was cancer, pancreatic, that snuck up and took him from us suddenly, quickly.  My own father was also strong, stable, financially successful and generous.  A WWII Veteran, my father was stoic, often stern, often distant, but quite generous,  merciful, witty, and when you were paying attention, a little mischievous with boyish play in his eyes.  He paid for college and a master's degree for me and 6 years of undergrad through 3 different schools for my brother.  He took care of us silently with provision and a strong masculine sense of assurance that everything was going to be okay.  And, where he was concerned, we always were okay in relation to the larger world.


I pause as I thank God for these men who fathered and now grandfather my and the next generations.  I also reflect on some of the softer emotions that they did not offer, allow, or even know how to feel/express aloud with words.  These same emotions and expressions fathers today seem able to express; they openly relate emotionally with their children.  It amazes me the transition of the very definition of masculinity and fatherhood in a generation.  Fathers now often stay at home while the mother's go to work.  Many changes.  I observe that through it all, regardless of expression, stance, style, or manner of masculinity and fatherhood - the Dads, Daddys, Grandfathers, Grandpas, Papas over time carry one singular powerful chord...they love fiercely and with strength and steadiness that often does not receive the attention and accolades for their powerful nurturing that mothers often receive. 


As I watch my own husband father his children, my stepchildren, I am in awe of his masculine tenderness, gentle strength, and quiet steadiness.  He plays and teases with raucous abandon and holds a steady strong space for all of us to flourish and express who we are - as his wife and his children.  He can bear anger, sadness, joy, hilarity, abandon, return, and love in all of its extremes with such silent strength.  He takes a lot from us.  It is a different strength than I have known within myself or experienced with women, very strong women.  Thank God for men.  Thank God for Dads.  Thank God for Grandfathers.  Thank God for masculinity in its many varied and ever evolving forms.


Regardless of your own personal story, journey, and relationships with the key men in your life...father, grandfather, uncle, husband, father-in-law...even therapist!  Take a moment to consider and look for the light, the steady, the bright, the space.  Find the tender and the rough.  Revel in the twinkle of eye and the boyish mischief.  Consider the quiet and the strong.  Find the gratitude.  Offer it up - to them directly or to the heavens in wonder...

Revel, Celebrate, Embrace...


    Enjoy the Daddy videos below...

Happy Father's Day! 


Peace and Joy, Honor and Celebration to you!


and the Moonstone Center Team


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Please enjoy the Daddy & Daughter video below!
Tonight You Belong to Me (Cover) - Me and my 4 y.o.
Tonight You Belong to Me (Cover) -
Me and my 4 y.o.
- Benjamin J. Ames Channel

Please enjoy the Daddy & Son video below!
Daddy playing with Baby Boy
Daddy playing with Baby Boy
Leah Dennis Channel
Thank you Daddys, Dads, Fathers, Grandpas, Pops, Papas!

California Psychologists!
BOP CE Requirement Changes:

I am sharing with you to keep you informed! Thank you to Dr. Jo Linder-Crow (CPA) and Dr. Pamela McCrory (LACPA) for your steady advocacy on our behalf as Los Angeles and California Psychologists!  Below is the email message re: the BOP CE Proposed Changes I received from Dr. Linder-Crow as a CPA member.

From Jo Linder Crow, PhD, CPA Executive Director:

June 12, 2015

"CPA Members, 

I attended the Board of Psychology meeting on May 14-15th, and wanted to give you an update on their action regarding the proposed CE regulations.  I did testify at the meeting and have attached my statement for your information.

  • As you recall, there were two separate groups of comments that the Board received regarding these regulations.  The first set of approximately 570 were received outside of the regular comment period after the regs were initially sent out for public comment.  At the February meeting, the BOP agreed to consider this group of comments, even though they were after the initial deadline.
  • The BOP does its work in Committees, and this first group of comments was assigned to the Licensing Committee.  That Committee had a meeting in Sacramento prior to the full board meeting in Riverside, and I attended.  During that meeting I learned that the Committee had received a representative sample of the comments, and I requested that the Board members have an opportunity to review all the comments prior to making a final decision.  The Committee agreed and asked the staff to categorize the comments and make them available to the full board.
  • The second set of approximately 600 comments were received during the comment period that ended on March 24th.  This was after the BOP raised the cap on traditional CE from 18 to 27 and sent that revised language out for public comment.  These comments were part of the task of the Policy Committee, and were discussed during the meeting of the full Board in Riverside as part of the Policy Committee report.
  • During that discussion it became apparent that the Board members wanted the opportunity to fully review all the comments (approximately 1200), and had not had a chance to do so prior to the meeting.  The members of the Policy Committee who had seen the comments commented on the thoughtfulness and detailed descriptions that were included in so many of the comments.  They were impressed by the number of people who took the time to write letters and e-mails, and it was clear that they wanted to give all comments the weight they deserve.
  • Due to the fact that they had not had a full opportunity to review the comments, and following a lengthy discussion, the Board voted to defer a final decision on the proposed regulations until the next Board meeting.  That meeting has been set for June 23, 2015 in Sacramento, and is a meeting that has been added to the Board's regular calendar. 

I thanked the BOP for giving such careful attention to the comments that so many of you submitted.  I am certain that they will look carefully at what you have written and will take those comments into full consideration before making a final decision on these regulations. I will be attending the meeting.

Best always, 

Jo Linder-Crow, PhD, CEO"


I hope you find this helpful.  I encourage you to join your local professional memberships as they do amazing advocacy for us.





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